Friday, 30 July 2010

Piteå: interviews and review

Salem played the Piteå Dansar och Ler festival on Friday night.

Found a couple of new interviews with Salem: one at Norrbottens-Kuriren: - in which, among other things, Salem states that he likes to mix big and small gigs but prefers playing smaller gigs; he comments again about dealing with the extra attention and trying to keep his public life separate from his private life, whilst acknowledging that this period of attention may not last and could all be over by next year. In this interview he also highlights that if his lyrics become too personal, then it can be difficult to perform the songs live without being emotionally affected. (There is one particular song, which Salem refers to but does not wish to mention in the interview).

The other interview, at PT Noje: mentions performing for Crown Princess Victoria, his delight at his second place and not winning Melodifestivalen, and how we'll have to wait a while for any new material as he's going to take a (very well-deserved) rest following his big summer tour.

As for reviews, I've just found this at Norrbottens-Kuriren: - it's a reasonably positive review ("...I believe in him because he convinces me with his joy") but the reviewer also suggested that there was a 20 minute period in the set which wasn't so good (?) before the euphoria was revived again towards the end of the concert.

Swedish charts update

Or as I'm calling it this week... "the Allsång effect" :))

"Ignore This" has climbed back up the Sverige Topplistan album chart to no. 15, whilst "4 O'Clock" is a re-entry at no. 53 and "Keep On Walking" is a re-entry at no. 56 in the singles chart.

It definitely proves the promotional power of a TV appearance! Hope we see Salem on TV again soon.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Message to all new (and old) readers!

I realise that a lot of the news and information which I publish on this blog is not exclusive to Planet Salem, but you will understand that I put a lot of time, effort and hard work into searching all over the internet for information about Salem - which can be (and is) a very time-consuming task. (Especially as I'm not Swedish and don't live in Sweden).

Therefore, as the readership of this blog is growing everyday, I thought it would be a very good time to remind everyone that if you initially find any articles/news items at Planet Salem and you then republish them on any other websites, please credit this blog as your source of information and publish a link to Planet Salem.

The same information applies to any of my pictures and screencaps which are published here.

Thank you for your assistance!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Jönköping in January 2011....

Found this! According to the Jönköpings Konserthus official website, Salem will be appearing there with the Jönköpings Sinfonietta next January. Tickets don't appear to be on sale yet though, but once I get more information I'll let you all know.

Check out the evenemangskalender for 5th and 6th January 2011....
also this

I previously posted about another 2011 show in Norrköping but in case you missed it:

Maybe more shows to come? Does anyone have any more info??

Mellerud on Saturday

It's a bit of a quiet time on the news front, so I thought I'd just remind you that Salem will be playing the KAOS festival in Mellerud this coming Saturday. He will be on the main stage between 19:15 and 20:15.

More information about the festival and all the acts appearing there, at

Sunday, 25 July 2010

The numbers are going up...

Today the total of Salem fans on Facebook reached 43,'s only a matter of time till it reaches the magic 50,000!

I still don't know how many of the Facebook-fans are aware of the existence of Planet Salem, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could maybe give this blog another mention on the Facebook wall (Eva....I know you previously did this, but if you or someone else could do this again, especially as there are more and more fans there!).

The reason is that I would like this blog to reach as wide an audience as possible so that we can all keep spreading the word about Salem's brilliant music, and keep building the international fanbase. Planet Salem already has a very dedicated readership and I just want it to grow and grow.

Thanks for all your help!

"I'm So Happy": Allsång på Skansen 20.07.10


Some Finland stuff...

A snippet from Ålandstidningen:

...and something from Nya Åland: (they have promised a full review and interview with Salem in Monday's newspaper - I wonder how much of it they'll put on the internet?)

As usual, YouTube is a great place to find all-new Salem video footage and on this occasion there is an interview recorded (by Dagens Tidning), with Salem around his gig in Jakobstad (or Pietarsaari, its Finnish name!): Here are some screencaps from the interview:

By the way, if you watch the interview you'll see that Salem is wearing the Damien Adore T-shirt which I will really need to get my hands on if/whenever I get back over to Sweden :)))

And one more thing...if you watch the interview I think you will all agree that Salem looks extremt snygg just nu.... Looks and musical talent: he has it all.

Salem's summer tour now takes a break for a few days: next stop Piteå Dansar och Ler next Friday: - Salem will be on Stora Scenen in the northern Swedish city next Friday night at 20:45.

Hope you have a good break over the next few days deserve it!!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Rockoff Festival, Mariehamn tonight

Just a reminder that if you are in or around Mariehamn, Åland tonight you can catch Salem and the band at the Rockoff Festival: they'll be on stage at 22:00. More info at

Lots of great Swedish acts appearing at the festival over the next week. More info at

Swedish charts update

"Ignore This" is at no. 29 in this week's Sverige Topplistan album chart.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

4 O'Clock (Skansen, 20th July 2010)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tomorrow: Jakobstad, Finland!

Attention Salem fans in Finland! Salem will be playing the After Eight Club in Jakobstad on Thursday 22 July. Get along there tomorrow night and discover Sweden's finest musical export. More info at

No more Melodifestivalen for Salem

In this article in Aftonbladet today, Salem said that he was very satisfied with his second place in this year's Melodifestivalen, which he described as "absolutely fantastic" and had won many new fans as a result.

However, Salem confirmed that he will not be participating again in the contest. This does not come as a surprise, as in various interviews before and after the contest, Salem made it very clear that he had participated as an 'experiment' (which has been a very successful experiment!) and was not a traditional 'schlager' artist. As a Salem fan I can only agree with his decision - he is an artist who does everything on his own terms and Melodifestivalen was no different. Melodifestivalen was a wonderful and unexpected surprise, and Salem is full of surprises! The best thing about Salem is that we genuinely don't know what he is going to do next...

Hallands Nyheter review of Salem in Falkenberg

There's a very good review (by Magnus Johansson) of Salem's Sunday night gig in Falkenberg at and some very nice pictures there too.

I particularly liked the reviewer's comparison/description of Salem as being like "the young school teacher who became the most popular because of his charm and humour rather than his authority".

Skansen screencaps!!

I loved SVT's close-up shots of Salem on "Keep On Walking", when the wind was blowing through his hair and the way the light was shining behind him...hope these pictures are ok, although it was harder to take pictures during "4 O'Clock" as the great man just can't keep still for a second! (but then when we listen to it, we can't keep still either).

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Keep On Walking (Skansen, 20th July 2010)

Varberg tomorrow!

After his triumph at Skansen tonight, Salem and the band are back on the road tomorrow for the next stop on the summer tour - Societen in Varberg. As you can see from the promo poster the show begins at 23:00 tomorrow. Another late night, but well worth staying up for :)

If you are going...enjoy the show!

Salem on Allsång = fabulous.

I've just finished watching tonight's "Allsång på Skansen" and the extra Webballsången.

You know what I'm going to say, but I'll say it anyway...


"4 O'Clock" to start the show, "Keep On Walking" to end the show (with Salem jumping off his piano stool!), and "I'm So Happy" in the extra-show. He certainly knows how to make a crowd happy too.

Salem's band were also great tonight - and I really enjoyed that guitar solo from Adam on "I'm So Happy".

I loved that sign which someone in the crowd had held up - "Salem Al Fakir - it's only you we think about". So true :D

And Oskar Linnros was great too :))

If you haven't seen this week's show, or you just want to watch it over and over again like I do, go to - Salem appears 5 minutes into the show ("4 O'Clock") and at 54 minutes ("Keep On Walking").

EDIT 21.07.10: SVT now has individual clips of "4 O'Clock", "Keep On Walking" and "I'm So Happy" at

EDIT 21.07.10: I've just been reading on Aftonbladet and Expressen's website that there was a crowd of 27,000 at Skansen last night - twice as much as last week! I think the appearance of a certain Mr Al Fakir and a certain Mr Linnros may have had a lot to do with that...

Found a nice review of last night's show at with a good picture of Salem.

Were any Planet Salem readers at Skansen?

Allsång på Skansen right now!!

"I'm so happy" that I can watch Allsång på Skansen live on the internet right now!!

Salem opened tonight's Allsång with "4 O'Clock" - which immediately got the crowd going. It looks as if there are lots of Salem fans at the Sollidenscenen tonight :)))

Anyway he was brilliant as always, a complete showman and entertainer. And of course he looked very nice in his dark blue suit and new glasses!

But of course Salem being Salem, he got the words of the song mixed up and repeated "They were laughing, I was mourning" instead of singing "It's a never ending story"...but then again that's the kind of thing that makes him even more endearing to us!! :D

He'll be back again later in the show - I'm hyperventilating with excitement!!
Here's a picture from SVT's Allsång blog, from this afternoon's rehearsal for the show. Put your hands up :))

(photo courtesy of SVT/Emelie Birgersson)

Monday, 19 July 2010

Salem i mitt hjärta - Allsång tomorrow!

Don't forget to tune into SVT1 at 20:00 tomorrow night for this summer's most long-awaited edition of Allsång på Skansen! Salem and Oskar Linnros will be appearing on the show. Of course this brings back memories for me of Salem's first appearance on Allsång in July 2007, one of the first times I ever saw him on Swedish TV. This is one of my favourite clips ever, it's a brilliant performance of my favourite Salem song, and I thought I'd share it here once again for everyone who hasn't seen it....and of course for everyone who loves it as much as I do!!

And follow the lead-up to the big show at which includes a little video interview with Salem, which was recorded at the show's launch a few weeks ago.

Get well soon, Salem!

I've just read on Facebook that Salem went on with the show in Falkenberg last night despite being sick.

Salem - I hope you get well soon and have a speedy recovery. Take care :)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

40,000 - the magic number!

Today the number of Salem fans on his Facebook fan page reached the grand total of 40,000.

A quick mention for my other blog...

I just thought I'd give a quick mention here that my other blog, EuropeCrazy, is back and has been relaunched after a few weeks' break. It's mainly about music (lots of Swedish music of course), TV and travel, so check it out!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Falkenberg, Sunday and Monday

Salem is playing a variety of venues on this extensive (and I would imagine, exhausting!) summer tour of Sweden....and on Sunday 18th/Monday 19th July he plays what could be described as the "sweetest" venue of them all! In other words, Stålboms Konditori in Falkenberg.

Support on both nights comes from Jennie Abrahamson.

It's an unusual and intimate venue and if you are lucky enough to have a ticket for the show, then you will be in for a treat as always.

And I don't just mean the cakes :))) Enjoy the show!

SN's review of Salem in Nyköping

(Sorry this is late but I've been out and about today!)

Södermanlands Nyheter has a review of Salem's show at Skeppsbron 11 in Nyköping on Thursday. It's an extremely positive review by Olle Söderström, in which he makes the point that Salem's music sounds as good in a small, packed, sweaty club as in a more formal concert hall. In the reviewer's words: Salem fits everywhere.

(Eva, or anyone who was there - what time did the show start and finish? I thought it might have started late?)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Another new remix of "Keep On Walking"

Unlike many of the recent remixes of Salem's music which have a definite dance vibe, this time the L-Wiz Relick takes "Keep On Walking" down a slower route with a more hip hop/r'n'b groove. Check it out for yourself at

Swedish charts update / Radio Airplay Chart

After 18 weeks on the Sverige Topplistan album chart, "Ignore This" stays at no. 27 this week. I'm sure the album will climb the charts again after Salem appears on Allsång next Tuesday!

Meanwhile "Keep On Walking" is climbing the Swedish airplay charts once again. The song has of course been one of the most played songs on Swedish radio since March 2010 and this week has climbed back up to no.5 (from last week's no.6) in the Nielsen Music Control Airplay Chart.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Malmöfestivalen update

The programme for this year's Malmöfestivalen has now been revealed. Salem will be performing at Stora Scenen, Stortorget on Thursday 26th August between 21:30 - 23:00.

More info at

New Norwegian interview with Salem

There is a very interesting interview (in Norwegian) with Salem at which focuses on the remarks made in the Swedish media (just prior to Melodifestivalen) by Salem's violin teacher Michail Kazinik, when he criticised Salem for turning his back on classical music - "we got a pop artist for the price of a genius".

In this new interview Salem says he can't understand why Mr Kazinik made these comments...and that the attitudes within the classical music world are wrong: "Music is for everyone and no one should be able to say what's good or bad music"..."it is up to the individual listener to decide if he or she likes music". (My comments: Salem's all-inclusive attitude to music is well-documented in many interviews which he has done....and I think that's what makes his own music so diverse and special).

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nyköping tomorrow!

Skeppsbron 11 in Nyköping will be the latest stop on Salem's summer tour on Thursday 15th July.

If you're going, enjoy the show and as usual you can leave your comments, reviews, blog/video links etc here.

Three years of being a Salem fan!

Three years ago tonight, I became a Salem fan after seeing him perform on the Victoriadagen concert. Regular readers of Planet Salem will know the full story so I won't bore you with the details again - but if you want to know the story, this 2008 post explains it all:

All I want to say tonight is....thank you Salem, for three fantastic years, which have really changed my life! 14th July 2007 was the beginning of my journey from fan to fan-blogger, on a mission to tell the world all about this fantastic musician. Three years later, and so much has happened in that time. But my work here is far from over, and there's a long way to go - you could say "it's a never ending story" :)

But what's your fan-story? When was the moment you became a Salem fan? Were you a fan from the beginning of his career, or after Melodifestivalen? Did you discover his music by accident, like I did? I'd love to hear from you if you have a particular story to tell about how you discovered Salem's music, and what makes him so special to you.

Norwegian TV appearances...

A Norwegian newspaper article about tonight's recording of the Norwegian TV show "Allsang på Grensen":

Salem was one of the acts appearing in the show, which took place in Halden, in front of an audience of 8000 people. He sang "Keep On Walking" on the show, which will be broadcast on Norway's TV2 tomorrow night, 15th July, at 20:00.

Meanwhile here is the link to Salem's appearance on NRK's "Sommeråpent" on 13th July, when he sang "Keep On Walking". Unfortunately NRK's Nett-TV is still not working for me :( Can anyone outside Norway view this programme or not??

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Salem interview in today

There's a very good new interview with Salem in the Mitt i.... publication which has different local editions for the greater Stockholm area. The good news is that this week's copy is also available on the internet at so get along there quickly, choose a local area and follow the link to Salem's interview (page 14/15).

There is also a very nice photo of Salem on his boat, which I liked so much I wanted to share it with you all...

(photo by Anna Z Ek, courtesy of

Salem on Norwegian TV tonight

Salem will be appearing on NRK1 TV's "Sommeråpent" tonight. The programme starts at 21:30.

It should be available to watch on the internet later on NRK's website, however when I tried to watch some other clips from previous shows, the video clips weren't available. (I don't know the reason for this - is it because I don't live in Norway, or because my internet connection isn't super-duper-fast enough??)

Monday, 12 July 2010


I've been looking all over the internet and haven't been able to find any reviews or articles about Salem's gig in Borgholm last Friday.

Were any of you at the Strand Hotell? I'd love to hear what you thought of the show.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

"I was aiming for Ukraine..." :)))

I know that this has been around YouTube for a while, but I thought I'd mention it if you hadn't seen it yet....a medley of Salem songs ("Keep On Walking"/"It's True"/"Astronaut"/"Roxy") with very humorous Russian-themed lyrics, sung in the style of the Red Army Choir!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Umeå - Västerbottens Folkblad article

Article and a couple of pictures in Västerbottens Folkblad about Salem's show in Umeå last night:

Swedish charts update

"Ignore This" is at no. 27 in today's Sverige Topplistan albums chart.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Borgholm tomorrow!

From the north to the south east, Salem's summer tour continues....

Tomorrow night Salem and the band will be at the Strand Hotell in Borgholm. According to the hotel's official site Salem will be on stage at 23:00.

If you're going, enjoy the show :)

Some pictures from Ö-vik last night has some pictures from what looked like a glorious Swedish summer night :)

Västerbottens-Kuriren interview with Salem

A new interview with Salem, ahead of his appearance in Umeå tonight:

Örnsköldsvik = 7000!

Salem was only expecting a few hundred people to turn up for his concert last night in Ö-vik..but he got 7000 people instead!!

A couple of features/reviews from last night's show which was a massive success:

If you were at the show remember to leave your comments here!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Even my iPod knows who I want to listen to!

On Wednesday morning, I switched on my iPod for my journey into town to go to work. Even though I now have about 1000 songs on my iPod, and had it on shuffle-play, here's what it decided I wanted to hear this morning....

Track 1 - "One Of The Others".
Track 2 - "Twelve Fingers".
Track 3 - "It's True".
Track 4 - "Inga Problem" (Snook, which Salem featured on).

Has this ever happened to any of you?

'Song of the Day' on Popjustice...

In case you're not familiar with Popjustice, it's a very important and influential British pop blog. Every day they have a 'Song of the Day' and today it's been none other than Fibes, Oh Fibes! "Love Will Always Find A Way" - the Damien Adore mix, which they prefer to the Pontus Winnberg mix :)

As Popjustice is one of this country's most high-profile music blogs, this will introduce the song, the band and of course the remixer to a whole new audience :) Popjustice is very supportive of Swedish music and I'm sure they will support Salem whenever his music is finally released over here.

Umeå tomorrow!

On Thursday night Salem and the band will be in Umeå, Norrland's biggest city, where they will top the bill in this week's "Sommaren i City" concert.

It's certainly a very diverse line-up tomorrow night, with rock band Sweet Seed on stage at 18:30, then dansband Max Fenders at 19:00, jazz pianist Birgit Lindberg at 20:00 and finally, at 21:00: Salem Al Fakir!!

More information at

If you're going tomorrow night, enjoy the show!

The Facebook fan-count continues to climb - the total of fans on Salem's Facebook fan page reached 38,000 tonight.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Örnsköldsvik tomorrow!

Salem will be returning to Ö-vik tomorrow - the home of his Melodifestivalen triumph back in February! He and his band will be playing the annual 'Sjunde i Sjunde Klockan Sju' concert organised by Tidningen 7 magazine. (Promo picture above courtesy of

Get along to Strandparken tomorrow night! The show starts of course at 7 o'clock (in the evening) - sorry I couldn't resist that little joke! - it should be an amazing show and best of all, it's free - so maybe Salem will win even more new fans!

Whilst I'm on the subject of new fans, I noticed that almost 3000 new fans have joined Salem's Facebook fan page in the last 3/4 days. This is great news, isn't it! I wondered if there was any particular reason for this - or is it just that everyone is finally beginning to appreciate his brilliant musical talent?

Also I thought I'd mention that Planet Salem's Swedish and international readership continues to grow, and this blog is now being read in all parts of the world. It doesn't matter where you come from, you are all very welcome as we all have one thing in common - we all love Salem!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Vote for Salem in this year's Rockbjörnen!

Just a reminder that you've still got time to nominate Salem in this year's Aftonbladet Rockbjörnen, the Swedish people's music awards. Vote at:

Nominations voting is open until 15th August, then the shortlisted nominations will be revealed and the final round of voting will open and will run until 25th August. The Rockbjörnen gala will take place on 1st September.

Salem fan-power is at its height at the moment (over 36,300 fans on Facebook today) so rösta, rösta, rösta!!

EDIT 07.07.10: I forgot to mention that you can vote once a day, every day! (Thanks again Eva!)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Damien remixing Fibes, Oh Fibes!

Pop in Stereo reports that Damien Adore has remixed the next single by one of my favourite Swedish bands, Fibes, Oh Fibes! Looking forward to hearing what Damien has done with "Love Will Always Find A Way". More information at

EDIT 05.07.10: Here it is! (thanks for the link Eva!)

"Keep On Walking" - dance remix version!

If you are anything like me, then you won't let a day go by without hearing "Keep On Walking" which still sounds as fresh as it did when we all heard it back in February.

But it's also good to hear the song in a completely different way. I wanted to share this with you tonight - it's a great remix of the song by Swedish dance producer Vanity In Mind which puts the song into a whole new context and turns it into a great big electronic trance club anthem. I think it's great! Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Salem Al Fakir - "Keep On Walking (Vanity In Mind Remix)"

Check out the following for more info about Vanity In Mind:

There are so many good dance remixes of Salem's songs doing the rounds these days - maybe Salem should get the Swedish House Mafia, Adrian Lux, Vanity In Mind and all those other great Swedish remixers involved in a dance remix album at some point in the future? With Salem's music, anything is possible :)

One more thing...that great Adrian Lux remix of "4 O'Clock" is also getting some attention from one of the world's most famous DJs, Tiesto - he featured the song in his Club Life 169 radio show recently:

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Enköping tonight!

Another night and another stop on Salem's lengthy summer tour, which arrives in Enköping tonight.

Salem will be on the Stora Scenen at the Enköping Gatufestivalen. I didn't know where Enköping was, so I had to check the map and found out that it is halfway between Västerås and Uppsala.

Here is the running order for tonight:

18:30 Eric Saade
20:30 Anna Bergendahl
22:00 Salem Al Fakir
00:00 Brolle

More information about Gatufestivalen (which has been running since Thursday) at Today is the last day of the festivities which will go on until 03:00 - yes, "three o'clock in the morning" ...I feel a song coming on ;))

If you are going, enjoy the show and of course you can post your comments here.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Now over 35,000 fans on Facebook!

Today Salem's Facebook fan page has reached the grand total of 35,000 fans.

This is brilliant news!!

Interview with Salem at

Go to where there is an interview with Salem in advance of his show in Visby tonight.

Swedish charts update

"Ignore This" has dropped from no. 22 to no. 25 in this week's Sverige Topplistan album chart.

Meanwhile the ever-popular "Keep On Walking" has climbed back up from no. 60 to no. 53 in the Sverige Topplistan singles chart.

I think it would be fair to say that after all these weeks in the singles chart, and weeks at the top of the airplay chart and Mix Megapol Topp 20/Tracks etc..that "Keep On Walking" is the most popular song of 2010 in Sweden!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Visby tomorrow: discuss it here!

Salem and his band will be in Visby tomorrow for the latest stop on their summer tour and they will be playing at Wisby Strand Congress & Event.

I think there are still tickets available - so if you live on the island of Gotland, then this is your opportunity to see Sweden's greatest in action!! Go to for more information about the show.

I don't know if there are any Planet Salem readers living on Gotland, but if you're out there and going to Salem's concert tomorrow, remember that you can leave your comments about the show on this blog!