Monday, 30 April 2012

"Silhouettes" release week - UK chart update 30.04.2012

Time to start the regular updates on how "Silhouettes" is doing in the UK iTunes download chart. 

Today "Silhouettes" is at no.37.  These days it is very difficult to get a song into the British charts these days unless it's getting regular airplay or has been sung by someone on "The Voice" or "Britain's Got Talent" so this is a great achievement.  Hope the song keeps climbing the chart :)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Silhouettes" by Avicii featuring Salem is finally released!

We've looked forward to this for a long long time - and now it's finally here!  "Silhouettes" is Avicii's follow-up to the hugely successful "Levels" and of course it's even better, because it features Salem on guest vocals.

Take a look at the cover, though - there is no mention of Salem, no credit for his vocal contribution, and the same goes for the download sites too.  Which is quite sad as this is probably the biggest chance Salem has had to achieve international success.  Oh well :(