Saturday, 3 July 2010

Enköping tonight!

Another night and another stop on Salem's lengthy summer tour, which arrives in Enköping tonight.

Salem will be on the Stora Scenen at the Enköping Gatufestivalen. I didn't know where Enköping was, so I had to check the map and found out that it is halfway between Västerås and Uppsala.

Here is the running order for tonight:

18:30 Eric Saade
20:30 Anna Bergendahl
22:00 Salem Al Fakir
00:00 Brolle

More information about Gatufestivalen (which has been running since Thursday) at Today is the last day of the festivities which will go on until 03:00 - yes, "three o'clock in the morning" ...I feel a song coming on ;))

If you are going, enjoy the show and of course you can post your comments here.


Eva said...

Hej Laura!
I know Madelene is going, so I'll remind her she can leave comments here :)

I've just started my vacations now ... great!! So hopefully I'll get back to you a bit more often now :)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hi Eva,

That's great news - I hope she enjoys the show. Tell Madelene she is very welcome to post her comments here any time she wants to, either in Swedish or English.

I don't know if Madelene is a regular reader of Planet Salem or not, but it would be a pleasure to hear from her as she puts so much work into the Facebook page and spreading the word about Salem.

Happy vacation!! :) Looking forward to hearing from you over the summer. I'm not on holiday again until September, (although I have a couple of days off work during the next two to three weeks) so there will be lots of regular updates on Planet Salem during the summer.