Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Three years of being a Salem fan!

Three years ago tonight, I became a Salem fan after seeing him perform on the Victoriadagen concert. Regular readers of Planet Salem will know the full story so I won't bore you with the details again - but if you want to know the story, this 2008 post explains it all:

All I want to say tonight is....thank you Salem, for three fantastic years, which have really changed my life! 14th July 2007 was the beginning of my journey from fan to fan-blogger, on a mission to tell the world all about this fantastic musician. Three years later, and so much has happened in that time. But my work here is far from over, and there's a long way to go - you could say "it's a never ending story" :)

But what's your fan-story? When was the moment you became a Salem fan? Were you a fan from the beginning of his career, or after Melodifestivalen? Did you discover his music by accident, like I did? I'd love to hear from you if you have a particular story to tell about how you discovered Salem's music, and what makes him so special to you.


Focus on Life said...

Hey Laura, I'm just catching up on your posts, dunno what I've been doing past few weeks?! :-)

It was the UK airing of the car ad that brought Salem's music to my attention. That was the first time a tiny snippet of a song had EVER sent me searching the internet to find out more.

As you often say, a bit more UK exposure certainly wouldn't go amiss! Here's me with all 3 Salem albums (sorry, old chick lingo, CD's) all because of a car advert...

..and to say I usually find car adverts pretentious is an under-statement. My ears certainly pricked up that day, even though I wasn't looking at the TV!

Sharon, Lancs, UK

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hiya Sharon!

Nice to hear from you again - yes the summer is going by very fast isn't it? (Although where I live it's more like autumn rain with slightly higher temperatures).

Aah that car ad, that takes me back...I was hoping they'd bring it back again, but they started using other music in the Volvo XC60 campaign - and now it's back on telly with some Twilight-thing going on??? And yes, most car adverts are dull as hell, but this was an exception!

No news yet on the British/international launch - but things have been going well in Norway and Finland so hopefully we'll be next!! I've got my fingers crossed for 2011 anyway :)

Fellow old chick here also calls them albums by the way ;)