Monday, 25 May 2015

Avicii's new song - "Waiting For Love"

If "Monday left you broken" then this should cheer you up!  Here is the new song by Avicii, which is called "Waiting For Love".  The song was co-written by Salem and Vincent along with Avicii, Martin Garrix and Simon Aldred.  As usual the vocalist has not been credited on the song but is believed to be Simon Aldred who is the lead singer of the band Cherry Ghost.

The lyrics are uplifting and optimistic and it sounds like another big hit for Avicii!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

"Sun Is Shining" featured in H&M TV ad

Last night I was watching television and the latest ad for H&M came on during the ad break.  The new ad features some very famous supermodels, modelling the Swedish clothes giant's latest range of swimwear.  So why am I mentioning this on Planet Salem?  The music of course!  Because the soundtrack music happens to be "Sun Is Shining" by Axwell & Ingrosso featuring Salem on vocals. This song has been around the internet for a long time but looks to be finally getting a full release soon, so hopefully it will become a massive worldwide summer hit.

You can see the full version of the commercial at (although it was a much shorter version which appeared on TV).