Friday, 30 April 2010

Popadelica in Huskvarna tomorrow!

Salem and his band will be appearing at the Popadelica festival tomorrow at Huskvarna Folkets Park. Salem will be on stage between 15:00 and 16:00 (why so early? He should be top of the bill!!)

Anyway if you are going to the festival, have fun!!

Salem's going to Oslo....

Good news for Salem's Norwegian fans!! It was announced today that Salem will be playing a show in Oslo on 2nd June, at the city's John Dee club. Tickets go on sale at 10:00 am tomorrow - more info at

At the moment "Keep On Walking" is one of this week's most-played songs on NRK's P3 radio in Norway:

And guess what was the most-played song on radio in Sweden this past week???? (I'll give you a clue: "I was aiming for the sky...")

New live show announced on Åland

Salem will be playing at the Rockoff festival on Åland on Friday 23rd July.

More info at

Am I correct in thinking that Åland is part of Finland?

Swedish charts update

A bit of a spooky coincidence today as both "Keep On Walking" and "Ignore This" are at no. 13 in their respective Sverige Topplistan singles and album charts.

Still on the subject of charts, could today be the last day for "Keep On Walking" in the Rix FM Topp 6? Now more than ever, you need to keep voting!

EDIT 30.04.2010: You did it!! Salem ends the week at no.6 in the Rix FM chart. Well done everyone!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Rix FM Topp 6 Klockan 6...still hanging on

"Keep On Walking" is currently at no.5 in the daily Rix FM know what you have to do....keep Salem in the top 6, and keep on voting!!

Vote at

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Liselotte - can you please post your comments again?

Hi Liselotte,

I was very interested to read your comments about Salem on the Petra Mede show, however I had a problem this morning when I tried to publish your comment so can you please send it again?

You made a lot of very good points and I really want to share them with everyone.

I agree that Salem looked a bit uncomfortable at times although he kept smiling like the wonderful person he is :)


Monday, 26 April 2010

Petra Mede Show!

'Do you know what makes me happy???'

I've just got the biggest smile on my face right now, because I'm watching Salem dancing around and singing "I'm So Happy" at the end of tonight's Petra Mede Show...someone, somewhere, please please please upload this clip to YouTube, because it is one of the funniest and most infectious things I've seen in a long time.

If you missed tonight's show (or just want to watch it over and over again, as I do) then check it out on TV3's website at

(Although I may need someone to translate as there were some parts of it which I couldn't understand)....did Petra ask Salem any difficult questions or say anything embarrassing to him? I wouldn't be surprised if she did, as she is one crazy and outrageous woman :)

Radio Creme Brulee weekly chart update!

"Virgin Mary" is no longer at no.1 - it's down to no. 3 - but "One of the Others" has risen to no.2 this week.

Salem, Telia, Prague....videos!

Some very nice behind the scenes video footage of the making of the Telia ("4 O'Clock") commercial in Prague.... - there is also a link on that page to a nice little black and white clip of Salem talking about Prague!

EDIT 27.04.2010: if you click on the above link on the Telia website, you can also find a new interview with Salem :)))

The behind the scenes footage is also available to watch on YouTube:

EDIT 28.04.2010: Another day, another Telia video - this time Salem's talking about his favourite songs on his Spotify playlist ....

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Petra Mede Show - 26th April

Salem will be one of the guests on this week's Petra Mede Show on TV3 - tune in tomorrow night, Monday 26th April, at 22:00. The show will also be available to watch later on TV3's website.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Next stop Norrköping / Seven weeks at no.1 on "Tracks"!

Don't forget that Salem will be doing a signing session and playing a couple of songs at MediaMarkt in Norrköping on Sunday 25th April at 13:00.

In other news weeks on the "Tracks" chart - and seven weeks at no.1 for "Keep On Walking"!! Make it eight weeks by voting at

"Djävulsrallyt" update - Claudia has posted some new pictures today:

Friday, 23 April 2010

Here we we go again! "4 O'Clock" in new Telia TV commercials

As reported on Salem's website today:

"4 O'Clock" is featured in two new TV commercials for the Swedish mobile phone company Telia...and Salem makes a brief appearance in both of the ads, which were filmed earlier this month in Prague!

Enjoy :))

Salem also mentioned on his website that "4 O'Clock", to be released on 17th May, will feature exclusive remixes of the song by Adrian Lux (one of the hottest new dance music remixers in Sweden) and a certain Damien Adore....

Djävulsrallyt: Salem teams up with Claudia!

If you go to Claudia Galli's website you will find a very, very nice picture of Salem in his rally-outfit ;))

...which I couldn't resist sharing with you:

'Djävulsrallyt' picture courtesy of Claudia Galli's website:

Swedish charts update

Sverige Topplistan chart time again....

"Keep On Walking" has slipped from no. 6 to no. 9 in this week's singles chart; "Ignore This" is down from no. 7 to no. 10 in the album chart.

"Keep On Walking" has stayed in the Rix FM Topp 6 Klockan 6 chart all this week and was at no. 3 last night - remember to keep voting to keep Salem in the top 6 tonight!

Thursday, 22 April 2010


I forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago that Salem would be appearing in a new Swedish TV celebrity contest, doing one of the things he loves best - driving! "Djävulsrallyt" promises 24 Swedish celebrities putting the pedal to the metal over three heats and racing against each other in some high-speed challenges, with the two best contestants competing in the series final.

Anyway it has been confirmed today that Salem will appear in the first heat of "Djävulsrallyt" (Kanal 5) which will be broadcast at 20:00 on Monday 17th May. The omens are good: remember what happened last time when Salem took part in the first heat of a contest :)))

Some other well-known faces will also be competing in the first week of the contest: Claudia Galli, Patrik Sjöberg, Markoolio, Sofia Wistam, Tomas Ravelli, Sandra Dahlberg and Johan Palm.

EDIT 23.04.10: Sandra Dahlberg will no longer be participating in "Djävulsrallyt" and she has been replaced by former 'Idol' finalist Robin Bengtsson.

Salem....good luck - I know you can do it, although I hope you don't get hurt!

A couple of articles about the show:

Kanal 5:

Expressen -

Monday, 19 April 2010

"Virgin Mary" is no.1 on the Radio Creme Brulee chart!!

Got an email today from our good friend Pranav at our favourite internet radio station Radio Creme Brulee...with the good news that "Virgin Mary" has made it to no.1 in their weekly top 20 chart. This chart is based on listeners' ratings of the new tracks played on the station, so it's obvious that the listeners have excellent taste!!

(And it's not the only Salem song in their chart - the fantastic "One Of The Others" is at no.8!)

Check out this week's chart at

What this also proves, yet again, is that Salem's music clearly has international appeal: so thanks yet again Pranav for spreading the word and bringing Salem's music to Boston and to the wider world!

"Ignore This" goes gold! / "4 O'Clock" - new single!

Just been over to and got the good news that "Ignore This" has now gone gold! Yes, the album has now sold enough to get Salem a nice gold disc so well done Salem!! Grattis! You are our golden boy :)))

And of course well done everyone who has bought a copy of the album, and if you haven't bought it yet then what are you waiting it now!!

Salem has also confirmed on his official site today that "4 O'Clock" will be the follow-up single to "Keep On Walking" and will be released digitally on 17th May.

H3FK review

Here is a link to a review of H3FK's recent show:

Swedish charts update

Firstly the bad news...."Keep On Walking" has slipped from no.2 to no.5 in this week's P3 Digilistan chart:

And now the good news - "Keep On Walking" is at no.1 for the sixth week in a row on the P3 Tracks chart. Remember you have until 2.00 pm today to vote to keep Salem at no.1 so rösta, rösta, rösta!!! Vote here:

Also, don't forget to vote in Rix FM's Topp 6 Klockan 6 chart, where "Keep On Walking" is currently at no.3:

Finally, "Keep On Walking" is still at no.1 in the Mix Megapol Topp 20 - . Don't forget to vote, so that we can keep Salem at no.1 for another week!!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

This weekend, one year ago....

It was a bright and sunny Saturday night in Gothenburg, and Salem was performing with his band at Trädgår'n. And I was there. My first ever Salem concert, and I also got the chance to meet him for the first time. An evening I will never forget.

Can it really be a year since then? The time has gone so quickly...and of course I have been back to Sweden since then to see him again!

If you haven't read my review of Salem's Trädgår'n show yet, you can find it at

A fantastic experience...if you live near any of the venues on Salem's forthcoming tour then you must go and see him live, as he is such a brilliant, talented and charismatic performer. Of course you knew that already but I just thought I'd mention it again ;)

By the way, this is my 600th post on Planet Salem, every one has been a pleasure to write and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. Much more to come....!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Swedish charts update

"Keep On Walking" has fallen from no. 3 to no.6 in this week's Sverige Topplistan singles chart, whilst "Ignore This" is also down from no.3 to no.7 in the album chart.

Good news from the Rix FM Topp 6 Klockan 6 chart though: "Keep On Walking" is back up to no. 2 so remember to "keep on voting" (sorry but I'll never get sick of that Salem-joke!) at

"Keep On Walking" was no.1 on the Mix Megapol top 20 chart last weekend, so don't forget to vote so that we can keep Salem at no.1 for another week! The new chart will be announced tomorrow. Vote at

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Salem in Lund on 22 May

Good news if you live in or around Lund! It was announced today that Salem will play at the Lundakarnevalen on Saturday 22 May. He will be appearing that night on the Stora Scenen.

More information:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Article from Chic magazine

....a million thanks as always to the wonderful Eva, and to Kristin at Chic magazine for making this happen.
Anyway, although I work in administration and spend a lot of time on the computer, I'm not really an expert on things like converting file types so fingers crossed...I hope this works and that you are able to read the article if you haven't seen it before. (It should work if you double-click on the picture, but if that doesn't work, please let me know and I'll convert it another way)
And what a beautiful picture of Salem....don't you agree??

Eh Cumpari!

I just thought I would post this as it's one of Salem's favourite songs of all time - it's impossible to listen to this without a big smile on your face! "Eh Cumpari" by Julius La Rosa.

And in a strange coincidence, the song was also featured in an advertisement which I saw on one of the TV channels during my recent trip to Sweden!

Salem doing a signing in Uppsala this Sunday!

In case you didn't already know, Salem is coming to Uppsala this Sunday, 18th April at 1.00 pm to do a signing session and play a couple of if you live in or around Uppsala, get along to Media Markt on Sunday!

Monday, 12 April 2010

What will the next single be?

I was just wondering what will be the next single to be released from "Ignore This", as the follow-up to "Keep On Walking"??

I reckon it will be between "4 O'Clock", "Virgin Mary", "Brooklyn Sun" and "I'm So Happy". Any (or all) of these songs would be a perfect choice for a single.

Planet Salem readers: what song would you like to see released next?

Radio Creme Brulee chart update!

Checking out the weekly top 20 chart on our favourite internet radio station Radio Creme Brulee from Boston....and guess what's at no.3 this week???

"Virgin Mary"!!

Salem on tour this summer!

More live dates were announced today! Here is a full list of Salem's forthcoming shows between now and August 2010.

1 May - Popadelica Festival, Huskvarna

6 May - Platens Bar, Linköping

8/9 May - Berns, Stockholm

1 June - Liseberg, Gothenburg

28 June - Virserums Musikdagar, Virserum

2 July - Wisby Strand, Visby

3 July - Hamnfestivalen, Enköping

7 July - Strandparken, Örnsköldsvik

8 July - Sommaren i City, Umeå

9 July - Strand Hotell, Borgholm

15 July - Skeppsbron 11, Nyköping

17 July - Stålboms Konditori, Falkenberg

21 July - Societén, Varberg

22 July - After Eight Club, Jakobstad (Finland)

30 July - Piteå Dansar och Ler, Piteå

31 July - Kaosfestivalen, Mellerud

5 August - Sommartorsdagarna, Boras

6 August - Restaurang Havsbadet, Lysekil

7 August - The Cod, Strömstad

27 August - Katalin, Uppsala

28 August - Summer In The City, Västerås

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Team Mojje's "Keep On Walking" - what did you think?

You know you've really made it when people start singing your songs on Swedish TV talent contests :)

Team Mojje performed us "Keep On Walking" on Saturday night's "Körslaget" on TV4. See the clip at

Sadly it wasn't enough to keep them in the competition and they were sent home. What did you think of their performance? (I thought it was maybe in too high a key for that girl with the long brown hair, and it got a bit too much when she got to "just let the light guide me through...")

Still....what a wonderful song choice. So uplifting, so moving, so inspiring!

Whilst I'm on the subject of "Keep On Walking": do any of you agree that this song is getting better and better the more times you hear it? I loved it from the first time I heard it, but now I love it even more. It just completely hits your heart and soul! And that moment at 2:30 minutes into the song, with the key change and the extra keyboard and strings always gets to me...

Last chance to see Salem in Melodifestivalen at SVT Play

I noticed that all of this year's Melodifestivalen heats, Andra Chansen and Final will only be available to watch on SVT's website until Tuesday, 13th April so get along to the following links for your last chance to see these shows:

Deltävling 1 - Örnsköldsvik 6th February:

Final - Stockholm 13th March:

Unfortunately there will be no official DVD of this year's contest (which is a major disappointment for me as I buy it every year) and there is only a karaoke DVD instead :(

Saturday, 10 April 2010

New picture....

Found on Salem's Facebook page tonight, from Caroline Roosmark's "Årets kvinnor och män" calendar. Guess who's featured in June 2010...

"Keep On Walking" - no.1 again on the "Tracks" chart!

It's Saturday so that means only one thing - the P3 Tracks chart!

And it's even better because "Keep On Walking" is no.1 for another week!!

Thanks to everyone for voting - and of course it's time to vote again to keep Salem at no.1 next week. Get over to and rösta, rösta, rösta!!!!

(And don't forget to vote for "Backseat" too - it's no.20 this week)

Friday, 9 April 2010

Swedish charts update

Latest news from the Sverige Topplistan singles and albums chart:

"Keep On Walking" is up two places from no. 5 to no.3 this week. "Manboy" by Eric Saade is this week's no.1, whilst Anna Bergendahl's "This Is My Life" is at no.2.

In the album chart, "Ignore This" drops from no.2 to no.3 this week. Rolandz are still no.1 (that's a bit crazy!!!!) and Lady GaGa's "The Fame Monster" is at no. 2.

"Keep On Walking" is now at no.4 in the Rix Topp 6 Klockan 6 chart - remember to vote at

Fingers crossed that "Keep On Walking" will still be at no. 1 in the Tracks chart tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

'Glamour' magazine - translation wanted!

I noticed that Salem is featured in the new issue of 'Glamour' which is now out in Sweden:

This looks like a very hot article which should appeal to all us girls who love Salem ;))

Anyway I would like to ask a big favour - would anyone be able to send me a translation and/or a scan of the article?

When I was over in Sweden recently I was going through all the magazines to see if there were any features/interviews with Salem, however I couldn't find anything - I had also missed out on the Chic magazine by one week, so again if anyone has a scan of that feature then I would be very happy and eternally grateful to you!

Tusen tack!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gothenburg Konserthuset review at

I'd given up hope of finding any reviews of that fantastic Gothenburg show but then this turned up:

Reviewer Emma Rastbäck makes some very relevant points and I totally agree with what she said about "Good Song" and particularly "One of the Others" being completely enhanced by the mix of Salem's piano and the orchestral accompaniment...and I like her description of Salem as a "crazily chuckling pop version of Jerry Lee Lewis" during "Roxy", not knowing whether to sit or stand.

If you want to read this review it can be found at

And if you were at the show, do you agree with what she said about the shouting from the audience?

Sunday, 4 April 2010

"Ignore This" : poll update

I've been having a look at the results so far in my "what's your favourite track on Ignore This" poll...the lead has changed a few times over the last couple of weeks but at the moment there is one clear leader...."Brooklyn Sun", which is just a few votes in front of "Keep On Walking".

The poll will stay open for a few more weeks so remember to vote if you haven't yet done so!

Of course I am listening to Salem whilst I'm blogging tonight...last three tracks played - "Bloody Breakfast" (which is such an underrated song - do any of you like it as much as I do?), "Virgin Mary" and "One of the Others" :))

Glad Påsk!!!!

Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend.....and listening to lots of Salem's music of course :)))

Great news today! "Keep On Walking" is still at no.1 in Swedish Radio P3's Digilistan chart.

I also noticed that the song is still at no.1 in the "Tracks" chart - don't forget to vote at and keep Salem at the top next week. Voting closes as usual at 2.00 pm tomorrow so "keep on voting"!

Sadly "Keep On Walking" is no longer at no.1 in the Rix FM Topp 6, but remember to keep voting at and who knows, the song may go back up to the top!

I previously mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Salem would be appearing on the Petra Mede Show on TV3. This will now be shown on Monday 26th April and not tomorrow as previously mentioned.

Salem at Berns: the first show on Saturday 8th May is now sold out, so Salem has added another show on Sunday 9th May at 21:00 - tickets are still available at

More good news about this show is that the support act is none other than Oskar Linnros, formerly of Snook - whom Salem worked with in the past. Oskar will be releasing his first solo album this year so this is an opportunity to check out some of his new material.

Salem will also be doing a show specially for his younger fans (under 18 years old) at Berns on Sunday 9th May at 17:00. Tickets are still available at