Monday, 19 July 2010

Salem i mitt hjärta - Allsång tomorrow!

Don't forget to tune into SVT1 at 20:00 tomorrow night for this summer's most long-awaited edition of Allsång på Skansen! Salem and Oskar Linnros will be appearing on the show. Of course this brings back memories for me of Salem's first appearance on Allsång in July 2007, one of the first times I ever saw him on Swedish TV. This is one of my favourite clips ever, it's a brilliant performance of my favourite Salem song, and I thought I'd share it here once again for everyone who hasn't seen it....and of course for everyone who loves it as much as I do!!

And follow the lead-up to the big show at which includes a little video interview with Salem, which was recorded at the show's launch a few weeks ago.

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