Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Allsång på Skansen right now!!

"I'm so happy" that I can watch Allsång på Skansen live on the internet right now!!

Salem opened tonight's Allsång with "4 O'Clock" - which immediately got the crowd going. It looks as if there are lots of Salem fans at the Sollidenscenen tonight :)))

Anyway he was brilliant as always, a complete showman and entertainer. And of course he looked very nice in his dark blue suit and new glasses!

But of course Salem being Salem, he got the words of the song mixed up and repeated "They were laughing, I was mourning" instead of singing "It's a never ending story"...but then again that's the kind of thing that makes him even more endearing to us!! :D

He'll be back again later in the show - I'm hyperventilating with excitement!!
Here's a picture from SVT's Allsång blog, from this afternoon's rehearsal for the show. Put your hands up :))

(photo courtesy of SVT/Emelie Birgersson)

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