Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Salem in Kristianstad on 15th October

Kristianstadsbladet reports that Salem has been added to the list of artists appearing at the opening of the Kristianstads Arena on 15th October - Tommy Körberg, Lena Philipsson, Måns Zelmerlöw, Olle Jönsson and ConRytmo will also be appearing. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

Change of date for one of Salem's Falkenberg concerts

As reported at today, the show on Saturday 17th July at Stålboms Konditori has now been moved to Monday 19th July. (Tickets for Saturday's show will be valid for the Monday show, however refunds are also available if you can't make the new date - more info at

Salem is playing a lot of very unusual venues this year - Stålboms looks very special, and those cakes look sooooooo tasty!

I thought this was a very nice quote from their homepage: "Livet är helt enkelt för kort för att inte unna sig en lång fika". Absolutely true!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Virserum review and interviews with Salem

There's a review and a nice little interview with Salem from yesterday's show at Virserums Kyrka at
I thought you would like to see this photograph too ;) (courtesy of Eva-Britt Harryson,, who also wrote the article).

Despite having a cold and a sore throat, it didn't stop him from performing a fabulous concert with his band! Very interesting to read that he didn't perform "All Day Love" as he stated that it was a personal gift to the couple...which made me wonder if he will ever perform it live again?

EDIT 30.06.10: Found this nice interview by Camilla Ärleskog at ....and another lovely picture of Salem (photograph courtesy of Camilla Ärleskog):

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Virserum tomorrow night - discuss it here!

If you are one of the lucky people who is going to Salem's sold-out show tomorrow night, which is part of the Virserums Musikdagar festivities, then let us know about it and leave your comments about the show here!

I didn't realise until today that the concert was taking place in a church (Virserums Kyrka) so that will be an unusual and special venue for his show. Here is a picture of Virserums Kyrka, from the official Virserums Musikdagar website:

Friday, 25 June 2010

P4 Jönköping interview

Found this tonight: a short interview with Salem about his festival-summer on P4 Jönköping at : this interview was recorded when Salem played at Popadelica a few weeks ago.

Swedish charts update

"Ignore This" is at no. 22 in this week's Sverige Topplistan album chart, whilst "Keep On Walking" is still hanging on in there at no. 60 in the singles chart.

"Keep On Walking" is still getting lots of radio airplay in Sweden; however it's no longer the most played song on Swedish radio this week - that honour goes to Eurovision winner Lena Meyer-Landrut's "Satellite". Full chart at

By the way, happy midsummer Salem...and to all the readers of this blog :)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Salem's NRK P3 Session tonight: Dagbladet's review, NRK's pictures, and where you can hear it!

Here is a review of tonight's P3 Session with Robyn and Salem in Oslo:

I liked these pictures from tonight's show, which are courtesy of NRK P3 @ Flickr, photographed by Tom Øverlie, NRK P3. More pictures from tonight at their Flickr photostream.

Whilst I'm on the subject, does anyone know if Salem's live set will be available to listen to at NRK's website/nettradio? They have Robyn's live session but I can't find Salem's yet :( Sadly I wasn't able to hear the show tonight as I wasn't at home. Were any of you at the show???

24 hours later....
EDIT 24.06.10: I've finally found it and am listening right now!!

Set List:

Red Rock
Cold Shower
4 O'Clock
Dream Girl
It's True
Keep On Walking

You can hear the show at and if you click on the link 'Hør hele P3 sessions med Salem Al Fakir og Robyn her' you can hear the show on NRK's nettradio.

It was great, wasn't it??? :))
I loved Salem's set, and was particularly excited to hear "Backseat" as I've never heard him perform a full version of this live before, apart from seeing a brief clip from Berns on YouTube. I like the way that all the songs seem to run into each other, especially the segue from "Backseat" into "It's True" - and I thought it was a particularly good version of that song, so credit on this occasion must go to Salem's excellent band for "beefing up" the song!

And of course a fabulous version of "Keep On Walking" to finish!

OK I need to go to sleep now because I need to be up for work early in the morning but I just had to hear the P3 session before heading off to bed :)))

4 O'Clock: Facebook competition winners revealed!

Salem recently ran a competition on his Facebook fansite for readers to draw a picture or take a photograph which symbolised "4 O'Clock" for them. The results have now been revealed and you can see the winning entries at

Well done to all the winners - you are all so artistic, creative and talented. Stort grattis :))

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

He's Salem Al Fakir again, and all is well: new (Finnish) interview

Interview (in Finnish) with Salem at

(I had to Google Translate all of this as I don't understand a word of Finnish!)

The interview covers all the usual topics - his musical childhood, massive success with "This Is Who I Am", the less successful "Astronaut", the name change from Salem Al Fakir to Salem and back again, Melodifestivalen success and of course the new album.

Monday, 21 June 2010

All Day Love: iTunes update - Monday

"All Day Love" is up to no. 20 in the iTunes Swedish singles chart today.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Uppsala and Norrköping...

An extra date has been added at Katalin, Uppsala on Thursday 2nd September because the show on 4th September has now sold out. More info at and booking info at Ticnet:

According to Ticnet, Salem will be playing the De Geerhallen in Norrköping on 5th March next year. Yes, 2011!! Tickets aren't on sale yet, but will go on sale at Ticnet on 30th August.

EDIT 27.07.2010: the Norrköping concert will be another orchestral collaboration, this time with the Norrköpings Symfoniorkester, and of course you can't have a Salem orchestra show without the world's best conductor - Hans Ek!

Interview clips of Salem from Popkalaset

YLE's Radio X3M has a couple of video interview clips with Salem recorded whilst he was appearing at yesterday's Popkalaset. (All interviews are in Swedish)

Salem on not dating his fans:

Salem on not listening to music:

Salem having his hair straightened!
For everyone who loves Salem's wonderful curly hair, this clip is quite distressing :O

That guy with the hair straighteners seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much, although I don't think the same could be said for Salem!

All Day Love: iTunes update

"All Day Love" is now at no. 27 in the Swedish iTunes chart.

It's Royal Wedding mania in the chart today as "When You Tell The World You're Mine" which was sung by Agnes & Björn Skifs during yesterday's ceremony, is at no.1; other songs dedicated to the couple are also doing well - "Can't Stop Love" by Darin (no.2), "Det Är Bara Vi" by Carola (no.12).

Salem got the biggest audience at Love Stockholm 2010!

Check out this link (thanks Maria!) for all the stats about last week's Love Stockholm 2010, which was a big success.

And guess who got the biggest audience? Salem of course! 10,000 people watched his Skeppsbron concert last Thursday night compared to the average audience of 5,000 who attended the other concerts.

New Poll: What's your favourite track on This Is Who I Am?

Calling all Planet Salem readers!!

I've already had a poll for "Astronaut" and "Ignore This" so I thought it was about time for a poll of your favourite tracks on Salem's debut album. The poll will run between now and the end of July. As usual you can vote for one track, or more than one, or all of them if you want!

Then it will be time for the ultimate Salem poll, when your top 5 favourite tracks from "This Is Who I Am" will then compete against your top 5 tracks from "Astronaut" and "Ignore This" during August and September. The final chart, which will reveal your all-time favourite Salem song, will be published on 30th September (my birthday!). So get voting!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

"All Day Love" no. 44 on iTunes Sweden!

It's only been around for one day, but already "All Day Love" is at no. 44 on the Swedish iTunes chart. Awesome :)

All Day Love!

For me, yesterday started off like any other Friday: woke up, went to work, posted the Swedish chart update at coffee-break time, had a very busy day at work and was glad when it was over so that I could come home and watch the YouTube clips from Skeppsbron. I didn't expect that the day would bring a new Salem song!

Last night I was briefly on Twitter, where there was a post from Salem via Facebook that he would be appearing on SVT, along with Linn and Stefan, to perform a new song.....I went to SVT's website where the concert for Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, from the Konserthuset in Stockholm, was being broadcast live on the internet so was able to watch Salem's performance of "All Day Love", his new song written especially for the occasion. What a lovely wedding gift, having Salem write and perform a song for the happy couple!

"All Day Love" is a sweet and joyous song: the concert featured an astonishing and ambitious orchestral arrangement of the song, (arranged by the one and only Hans Ek), with warm and heartfelt lyrics written by Linn Segolson, who is a very talented singer and songwriter, and the sister of the equally talented Stefan Segolson who is a great supporter of this blog, both of whom provided excellent backing vocals for Salem on the song last night.

Of course, Salem, being the excellent showman that he is, managed to get the audience (made up of royal families, politicians etc) clapping along - and Crown Princess Victoria is obviously a big Salem fan too. Even Britain's representative, Prince Edward, was smiling after Salem's performance. And did you all spot Sami in the orchestra??

I was lucky enough to get my free download of the song this morning from so get along there quickly, if you haven't got it yet. There's a free download available to the first 5000 people who log on there.

Today, more than ever, I am proud and happy to be a Salem Al Fakir fan :))

Here is Salem's performance of "All Day Love" from last night....enjoy!

Friday, 18 June 2010

"You are my princess all day...."

"All Day Love": awesome song, fantastic performance. And a little reminiscent of "Good Song" which can only be a good thing).

Congratulations Salem, Linn and Stefan - this really made my night.

Tune to SVT right now...

or if you're in front of a computer: for Festföreställning Konserthuset: a pre-wedding celebration concert for Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, who are getting married tomorrow.

Salem is appearing in this show!!

Popkalaset, Ekenäs - Saturday 19th June

Salem is back in Finland again tomorrow at the Popkalaset festival in Ekenäs. He will be on stage (Stora Scenen) at 19:45. All the information you need (including running order and ticket prices) is at then click on 'Bra att veta'.

Other acts appearing tomorrow night: Takida, Erik Grönwall and Patrik Isaksson.

If you are one of Planet Salem's Finnish-based readers and you are going tomorrow night, remember to tell us know what you thought of the show.

Swedish charts update

"Ignore This" is at no. 18 in the Sverige Topplistan album chart this week.

And "Keep On Walking" is at no. 60 in the singles sales chart, probably its final week there, but it's still at the top of the Mix Megapol Topp 20! (That new chart is revealed tomorrow)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Were you at Skeppsbron tonight???

I was just wondering how many people were in the audience at Salem's Skeppsbron show tonight? A few thousand? If you were one of them....let us know how much you enjoyed the show!

EDIT 22.06.10: Meant to post this earlier: Scandipop's review of Thursday night's Love Stockholm live shows, which of course included Skeppsbron....

Dalhalla by bus!

Only 65 days to go, for all you lucky people going to you can get there by bus from Stockholm, Gävle and Uppsala:

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Love Salem!

Some of the biggest names in Swedish pop have been performing at the Love Stockholm 2010 festival, which has been going on all week in the Swedish capital to celebrate this weekend's royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling.

Tomorrow it will be Salem's turn to take to the stage in his adopted hometown: he will be performing at Skeppsbroscenen from 21:15 to 22.30, (and best of all, it's free!) so if you're in or around Stockholm, get along there and enjoy the show. I'm sure he will attract a massive crowd tomorrow night!

And remember, as usual you can leave your comments, YouTube/blog links and anything else you want to tell us about the show.

Are you the face of Dalhalla?

Salem needs your help for this new competition! From his Facebook fan page today:

Jag behöver din hjälp! Vill du vara med på minaffisch till konserten på Dalhalla den 21/8? Ta en bild på ditt ansiktemot en VIT bakgrund och maila den till (max 1mb). Viväljer ca 10 ansikten som får vara med på postern tillsammans med mig och bandet. Vi måste ha din bild senast 18 juni kl 10. De utvalda får, förutom ä att vara med på affischen, även två biljetter till konserten. Lycka till!

For non-Swedish speakers:

I need your help! Do you want to be on my poster for the concert of Dalhalla 21/8? Take a picture of your face against a white background and email it to (max 1 MB). We will select approximately 10 faces that may be included on the poster along with me and the band. We must have your image by 18 June at 10. The winners shall win two tickets to the concert, in addition to being on the poster. Good luck!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Värmlands Folkblad review of Salem in Karlstad

This is one of the best reviews I've read in a long time:

A midsummer night's dream indeed!

On 23rd June, Salem and Robyn will be appearing on NRK's "P3 Sessions" - more information at

60 lucky listeners will get the chance to see the show and you can also find info at the above link.

This will be a terrific double bill and it will be good to hear Salem playing live on the radio once again.

Does anyone know if this show will be available on NRK's website to 'listen again'? (I'm not at home most Wednesday nights so won't be able to hear the show live) - if so, can someone post the link or point me in the right direction?

Thanks again...I will need to learn some Norwegian :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

NWT's review of Salem in Karlstad

NWT has a very positive review of Salem's Saturday night show in Karlstad:

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Chart positions, an interview and a request...

After all these weeks, "Keep On Walking" remains at no.1 on the Mix Megapol Topp 20: (Does anyone know what's happened to the link to vote on this chart - I can't find it).

Meanwhile "4 O'Clock" is at no. 3 on SR P3's "Tracks" chart, and "Keep On Walking" is no. 9:
"Tracks" is now taking a summer break and will return on 28th August - the new list of songs will be revealed on their website on 16th August.

"Keep On Walking" is at no. 3 on SR P4's "Svensktoppen" chart:

A nice new interview with Salem at where he talks about Melodifestivalen, growing up in a musical family, his drumming heroes, and why it's possible to be popular and true to yourself at the same time.

Finally, I have a request for my Swedish-speaking readers: can you tell me if Salem's interview was finally published in Aftonbladet today? (I couldn't find anything on their website). I'd really appreciate if any of you could let me know what he said in the interview. Thanks!

EDIT 17.06.10: Special thanks to Anna for the translation and scans: it was a really nice interview :) So, Salem is top of the Swedish women's 'wish list'...that's no surprise. Talent, looks, style, personality and charm - he has it all. But then we have known that for a long time, haven't we ;))

Friday, 11 June 2010

Blue Moon Bar, Karlstad, Saturday 12.06.2010: discuss it here!

If you're going to Salem's show in Karlstad, this is the post for you to leave your comments about the show.

'Mingla i Mark' tonight in Kinna - discuss it here!

Salem will be headlining the 'Mingla i Mark' festival tonight in Kinna and he will be on stage at 21:15.

If you are going to the show, remember to leave your comments here!

Swedish charts update

"Ignore This" is no. 13 this week in the Sverige Topplistan album chart.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Allsång på Skansen - 20th July!

Great news!

Just found out from Salem's official site that he will be appearing on the legendary Swedish summer TV show on 20th July, three years after his first appearance there.

Here is this year's line-up, which was announced today.

Programme 1: 29th June
The Ark, Mozart Group, Anna Bergendahl, Robert Broberg, Carola

Programme 2: 6th July
The Playtones, Marie Kühler, Eric Saade, Marie Bergman, Mikael Wiehe, The Ten Tenors, Wille Crafoord, Marika Willstedt

Programme 3: 13th July
Cotton Eye Joe Show, Darin, Timoteij, Movits!, Olivia Stevens, Kikki Danielsson

Programme 4: 20th July
Salem Al Fakir, Gunhild Carling, Drängarna, The Real Group, Di Leva, Oskar Linnros

(Salem and Oskar Linnros on the same show - this should be a great one!)

Programme 5: 27th July
Mando Diao, Jonas Gardell, Thorsten Flinck, Christer Sjögren, Jasmine Kara, Lill Lindfors, Idolerna

Programme 6: 3rd August
The Baseballs, Huutajat, Jakob Hellman, Kjerstin Dellert, Gösta Linderholm

Programme 7: 10th August
Jerry Williams, Ola Forssmed, Tove Styrke, Orup, Hanna Lindblad, Charlotte Perrelli, Magnus Carlsson

Programme 8: 17th August
Sveriges Radios Symfoniorkester, Anders Berglund, Måns Zelmerlöw, Lisette Pagler, Fredrik Lycke, Sarah Dawn Finer, Joachim Bergström

As usual there is something for everyone in the line-up - apart from Salem and Oskar, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing The Ark, Mando Diao, Orup, Darin, Måns Zelmerlöw and Sarah Dawn Finer.

After "Nu är det gott att leva" at Skansen in 2007 and then "Det börjar verka kärlek banne mej" at "Lotta på Liseberg" in 2009, I wonder what classic Swedish oldie will be getting the 'Allsång' treatment from Salem this time? And of course I'm sure he will play "Keep On Walking" and "4 O'Clock" which will both be massive crowd-pleasers! I guess that many of you who read this blog and live in Stockholm will be at Skansen on the 20th July and making yourselves heard!!

Meanwhile I will be sitting over here watching it on SVT Play as usual and wishing I was there with you all :))

Monday, 7 June 2010

Jakob and Nisse spotted on Sommarkrysset!

I've just been watching this clip of Petter on Saturday night's "Sommarkrysset"....and spotted none other than Jakob and Nisse in his backing band!

A new bootleg mash-up

Found this on YouTube tonight: "Kids Are True In Technicolour" - a bootleg mash-up dance mix by Carl Louis and Martin Danielle, of MGMT's "Kids", Coldplay's "Life In Technicolour"....and Salem's "It's True"!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The return of the Kitchen Sessions, and a German snowboarding video....

Thanks Stefan :)

I wondered when Salem would bring us another "Kitchen Session"....well, 'here we go, here we go again...' :))) Yes. "4 O'Clock" has been given the "Kitchen Sessions" treatment:

"Twelve Fingers" is also used as the soundtrack music to the 2010 video "Don't Panic" by the German snowboarding brand Isenseven:

Salem's "Tracks" double!!

Good news today as "4 O'Clock" is the highest new entry in P3's "Tracks" chart today at no.3....meanwhile, "Keep On Walking" is also still in the top 10, it's at no. 7 this week.

So there are now two good reasons to vote to keep Salem in the top 10 on next week's chart! You can vote between today and 14:00 on Monday, at

"Keep On Walking" remains at no.1 on Mix Megapol's Mix Topp 20 :

Friday, 4 June 2010

Swedish charts update

Sverige Topplistan day...

"Keep On Walking" is at no. 50 this week, in a singles chart packed with Eurovision and Melodifestivalen songs! No sign of "4 O'Clock" :( I hope it'll return to the chart soon.

"Ignore This" is climbing the album chart again and is back up to no. 11 this week.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Liseberg reviews in Expressen and GP

Found these this morning - (both positive reviews I guess, given that there can sometimes be a lack of enthusiasm from the Swedish media about Salem's live shows - why are they reluctant to give him five stars???? )

That's amazing news that 6,500 people were there! It's only a matter of time until he's playing the Scandinavium :))

EDIT 23:00: I'm watching and enjoying the YouTube clips posted so far. Hope there will be more to come! It just occurred to me that "4 O'Clock" provides the best clapping-opportunity for a live audience since another crowd-pleasing anthem, Queen's "We Will Rock You"!! Don't you agree??

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

"Ignore This" favourite tracks poll : the results are in!

The poll, which has been running for the last couple of months, has now closed. Here are the final results of the poll! Thanks to each and every one of you who voted (608 votes were cast), and here is the list of your favourite tracks on "Ignore This" in order of preference.

From the beginning it was a very close contest between the top two songs, although there was one clear favourite with you all from the very beginning...

1. Brooklyn Sun - 188 votes (30%)
2. Keep On Walking - 180 votes (29%)
3. 4 O'Clock - 134 votes (22%)
4. Virgin Mary - 119 votes (19%)
5. I'm So Happy - 100 votes (16%)
6. Split My Personality - 82 votes (13%)
7. This Is For - 77 votes (12%)
8. Part Of It - 61 votes (10%)
9. Bloody Breakfast - 46 votes (7%)
10. Red Rock - 44 votes (7%)
J11. Cowboys and Dinosaurs - 27 votes (4%)
J11. Don't Wanna Talk About It - 27 votes (4%)
13. The Song I Never Wrote - 23 votes (3%)

I think these polls are good fun and I'm planning some more in future - got a couple of ideas in mind, but if you have any Salem-related polls you would like to suggest then please let me know!

By the way, Planet Salem is two and a half years old today...doesn't time fly when you're having fun!!

Oslo, 02.06.2010: discuss it here!

If you're going to see Salem and his band at the John Dee Club in Oslo tomorrow night, remember to leave your comments here! I would like to hear from some Norwegian fans....and I wondered if anyone from Sweden will be crossing "over the border" to see Salem in Norway?

Whilst on the subject of Oslo, and Salem....Alice, are you still reading the blog? I was just wondering if you would be going to the Oslo show?

Link to Liseberg pictures

If you go to the always excellent you'll find some pictures from tonight's Liseberg show at the following link:

White shirt + black braces + black trousers = very nice ;))))

Salem in Stockholm - 17th June!

It's just been announced today that Salem will be one of the many acts appearing at the Love Stockholm festival, which is taking place to celebrate the marriage of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling.

He will be appearing at Skeppsbroscenen on 17th June at 21:15 Swedish time.

Check out for info on all the acts appearing there.