Sunday, 20 December 2015

Seinabo Sey and Salem at the 2015 Nobel Banquet

Salem made a rare live appearance recently, at the 2015 Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, accompanying Seinabo Sey on piano.  Seinabo (above) performed "Poetic".

It's been another very successful year for Salem and his songwriting/producing "dream team", Magnus Lidehäll and Vincent Pontare.  Together they co-wrote, produced and played on Seinabo's debut album "Pretend".  I'm really surprised that she is not a worldwide star by now - but at least she has received a lot of critical acclaim over the past couple of years in the UK and USA.  I found this recent article on The Guardian's website, where Salem also gets a mention.

Seinabo's "Hard Time" did turn up in a TV ad this year for a Mercedes car - which brings back some happy memories of Salem's "It's Only You" being used in the Volvo ad in 2008 :)