Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Disappointed :(

Over the last couple days we learned that Salem has teamed up with Pontus De Wolfe on a new music project which I believe is called Earpony. Salem and Pontus have of course written a new book about music ("Vad är musik?")

We finally got to hear the result of their musical collaboration when Salem performed with Pontus de Wolfe on tonight's Rockbjörnen gala. The song is called "Jag e frågan du e svaret". Remember these are only my personal thoughts, so here we go...

After over 4 years as a Salem fan, I never thought the day would come when I would be disappointed by any musical project he was involved in. But when I watched this performance, all I felt was disappointment. The main problem with the song was Pontus' vocals, which were nervous and, to use a British term, "ropey" - in other words, pretty poor. On the plus side it was nice to see Salem involved in a Swedish-language track, as I would really love to hear him write and sing in Swedish at some point in his solo career. I understand that Salem may want to be in the background for a change and let Pontus take the spotlight, but it makes no sense when Salem has such a great voice and should be singing the lead vocals instead.

Maybe it is unfair to judge the song on a live version, but I can only hope that the recorded version of the song will be a vast improvement.

Listen and judge for yourself at
What did you think of the song/performance tonight? Your comments (as always) are welcome!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

September's Aftonbladet live concert

Check it out here if you missed it....and you'll also see Nisse and Jakob in Petra's backing band :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

DT's Dalhalla review

Fridah Jönsson gives a 4-star review of Salem and his special guests at Dalhalla, although she's not so keen on September's performance. There is also a nice photo slide-show from the concert in this article.

By the way, can any of you tell me if Salem duetted with Oskar and/or September and if so, what songs did they play?

Also, what did you think of Salem's special guests Oskar and September? Did you enjoy them or did they disappoint you? Leave your comments here.

Avicii "Silhouettes": new vocal mix

Here it is, if you haven't heard it yet:

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dala-Demokraten's Dalhalla review above picture is courtesy of Dala-Demokraten)

Reviewer Bengt Pettersson awards 4 out of 5 for last night's sell-out concert to an audience of 4000 fans. "Salem Al Fakir did it again. Success at Dalhalla. He managed to get everyone to forget that it rained during the first half of the concert and gave a totally brilliant music show".

The reviewer went on to say that "Brooklyn Sun" was one of the highlights, particularly with the accompaniment of the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. The reviewer also particularly enjoyed a new instrumental piece "Dina dagar är räknade" ("Your days are numbered") which Salem performed together with Sami and the orchestra.

Also I found out something new in this review which I didn't know before - September revealed last night that she attended the same school as Salem. I can only agree with Mr Pettersson's comment - "they must have had a good music teacher".

Friday, 5 August 2011

A couple of pre-Dalhalla interviews

Firstly, Expressen

Salem told Expressen: "I felt I needed a break from myself". After a hectic 2010, he felt he needed a break - "Since 2006 I have been out there and played every spring, summer and was on the verge of becoming too much. I felt that now, do I need a break. But it is also good for the audience, so that they do not tire of me for good".

Don't worry Salem, we will never tire of you!!

In Dala-Demokraten Salem says "It worked so well with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra last time and it was so amazingly nice to play there, so getting to Dalhalla again was a dream I had. It's going to be outrageously fun, if we may say so"..."It is one thing when you're out there and playing for an entire summer, then we are not nervous. But now that you only do one evening with such fine guests, Orchestra and large audience it feels like a big task. But I try to take it as calmly as possible and have fun along the way".

The article reveals that Oskar Linnros and September will play their own songs during the concert, and we can also expect a musical collaboration between the three artists.

Thursday, 4 August 2011's Dalhalla time!!

This is my 1000th post on Planet Salem, so I wanted it to be something very special. And it doesn't get any more special than this.

It's been eight months since Salem's Dalhalla concert was announced, and the wait is almost over. Tomorrow night, Salem, the band, the Gävle Symfoniorkester, Hans Ek, Oskar Linnros and September will all take to the stage in Sweden's most stunning concert venue, for what promises to be a fantastic show.

For all of you who are going, I hope you have an amazing time. As always, your reviews, comments, setlists, emails, photos are all welcome. Please let me know if Salem plays any new songs too! Planet Salem may have been a quiet place over the last few months but with your help we will bring it back to life!!

Finally, Salem.....good luck for tomorrow night, and come, come, come back soon :)