Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Plaza Kvinna interview

A nice little interview with Salem can be found at

Look what I found...

Hello again readers, I'm just back from a wonderful week's holiday in Turkey. So what's been happening while I was away? Well I decided to check for any news about Salem and I discovered these pictures (courtesy of which I thought I'd share with you...

Now we all know that Salem is a very talented person but we can now add another talent to the list....modelling! He is featured modelling clothes in the 'Urban Nature' autumn advertising campaign for Swedish clothing retailer MQ, as is fellow Swedish artist Jonna Lee.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Time for another break!

Planet Salem is closing - but don't worry, it's only for a week, because I'm off to Turkey tomorrow for a week's holiday :))

This blog will be back on the evening of Tuesday 22nd September. In the meantime if you have any news, comments or emails please continue to send them and I'll publish/respond to them when I get back.

See you all again soon,


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Salem on P3 Populär

Tune into P3 between 11:00 and 13:00 (Swedish time) tomorrow when Salem will be appearing on P3 Populär and answering questions for an hour.

Once again....translation would be welcome from one of my lovely Swedish friends :)

Anyway here is a video courtesy of Sveriges Radio with Salem describing his ideal 1700s-outfit :))))

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

P3 Live Session: did you hear it?

As I said in an earlier post, I wasn't doing the things I usually do on a Wednesday night so I was able to listen to the P3 session as it was broadcast. I had a few problems getting online tonight and missed the first 10 minutes of the show, however I didn't miss any of Salem's set as he didn't begin until 21:00 UK time (22:00 Swedish time).

Set list:
It's Only You (Part II)
Good Song
Brooklyn Sun
Dream Girl
Solsbury Hill
It's True

I didn't realise he would be playing so many songs so this was a very pleasant surprise. There was also an interview and a musical intros quiz which Salem and other guest Jennie Abrahamsson played. (I got the Melody Club and Erik Hassle intros correct, but the other ones were more difficult).

Anyway I'd better tell you about tonight's session..."It's Only You (Part II)" was a bit different from the usual version as out went the electronic looping background and in came a more traditional (and to these ears, a very complex) piano accompaniment. One unique thing about Salem's live set is the way all the songs flow into each other, there are no stops and it was straight into "Good Song", still (in my opinion) the best song that Salem has ever written. This version had a bit more urgency and bite, and some very good vocal harmonies in the chorus...flowing into a slightly different version of "Astronaut" which was more electronic piano-based than the recorded version which has more of an acoustic feel. Having heard a few live versions of "Astronaut" I always think Salem sings this song particularly well and tonight was no different.

If you have never heard "Brooklyn Sun" before, then the second part of Salem's set gave radio listeners the opportunity to hear this relatively new and as yet unreleased song which still has the ability to mesmerise and make you stop what you are doing. It is still incredibly moving, and I hope it won't be too long until Salem records and releases this song, either on his next album or maybe another EP?

Part 3, the closing section of the band's set, had some old (and new) favourites. "Dream Girl" is another song which Salem can be relied on to provide an excellent vocal performance. And as for that piano hookline....

I expected "Dream Girl" to go into "It's True" but Salem had one more surprise for us - we got "Solsbury Hill" instead. Fans and regular readers of Planet Salem will be well aware of Salem's brilliant performance of this song on the Polar Music Prize last week, of course he also played it on "Nyhetsmorgon" last week. And tonight, just as on "Nyhetsmorgon" he forgot some of the words. ;)))

The ultimate crowdpleasing song and fan favourite "It's True" was next, and cheers of recognition greeted the opening bars of current single (and Svensktoppen hit!!) "Roxy" - (Salem was of course asked about this song during his interview, I think he said he'd been asked the same question about 2000 times or something???)

All in all it was a very well performed 'greatest hits' set which I enjoyed very much.

P3 Live Session tonight!

Don't forget to tune in to P3 tonight at 21:30 Swedish time (20:30 UK time) when Salem will be appearing on the P3 Live Session along with Jennie Abrahamson. The programme will be presented by none other than Jonna Lee.

The P3 Live Session page can be found at and the programme will be available for listening on the P3 archive.

I'm usually not at home on Wednesday night, but this week is different and I'll be able to listen to the show live on the internet. I'll post a review later tonight.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Salem's coming back to Gothenburg in November!!

Good news for everyone in the wonderful west coast city of Gothenburg!! Salem will be playing at Foajén at the Stadsteater on Saturday 28th November. Tickets go on sale Tuesday 8th September, more information at Ticnet - and also the Stadsteater website at

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Some screencaps from Salem's Polar Music Prize adventures :)

Firstly, there was the annual pre-show cocktail party thrown by Marie Ledin, which Per Sinding-Larsen blogged about at Salem gave an impromptu performance of "Solsbury Hill" in front of the guest of honour Peter Gabriel. Someone very kindly sent me the link to this a few days ago during a comment to an earlier post. I meant to pass this on but better late than never - if you haven't seen this it is well worth watching:

Anyway here are a couple of screencaps from that performance :-

OK now I have a few screencaps snapped off TV4's internet stream of the Polar Music Prize which is still available at

My heart is still going boom, boom boom .....! :)))

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Salem in Kristianstad on 23rd October

Salem has added yet another show to his October/November tour schedule. He will be playing the Yllan centre in Kristianstad on Friday 23rd October. More information at

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Salem has played in Kristianstad before?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Salem on P3 Live Session next Wednesday

Salem and Jennie Abrahamsson will be the stars of Swedish Radio P3's Live Session next Wednesday, 9th September which will be broadcast at 21:30 Swedish time. More info at