Friday, 21 February 2014

The end or the beginning?

Just as a follow-up to last night's post, I thought I would just mention a couple of things which I haven't had time to write about.

Firstly, the soundtrack album of "Trollkarlen Från Oz", the musical written by Salem and Pontus de Wolfe for the Glada Hudik theatre, was released last month.  The album features an all-star cast of well-known Swedish musical talents from past and present, including Tommy Körberg, Sarah Dawn Finer, Lisa Nilsson, Ulrik Munther and Eva Dahlgren.  Salem and Pontus appear on a couple of tracks, "Ouvertyr" and "Jag Vill Gå Bredvid Dig" both of which have a retro, early 70's feel.

The musical is the subject of a new TV4 documentary series, "Trollkarlen Från Glada Hudik" and if you live in Sweden you can watch it at however those of us living outside Sweden can't watch it due to TV4's "not available in your region" rules.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the disappearance of, Salem's official website, which has existed for the past few years.  I don't know the reasons why the site has been closed down, and although I prefer to write about facts rather than rumours on this blog, I would guess that it has closed for one of the following reasons:
  • Is it because Salem no longer performing as a solo recording artist?  It has now been almost four years since "Ignore This" was released - it feels like a lifetime! - and after his well-deserved break after years of touring and recording, he may have decided to take his career in a different direction: to focus on writing songs for other artists.  Salem has always collaborated with other artists of course, but his songwriting partnership with Vincent Pontare and Magnus Lidehäll (rewarded this week with a Swedish Grammy) has really come to the fore this year, writing for established artists Petter and Veronica Maggio, but also "Younger" for a hotly-tipped new singer Seinabo Sey.  It's worth noting that Vincent has also put his solo music career on hold...
  • Could Salem be ready to relaunch his solo career, perhaps with a new album and a new record company? Could this mean a brand new official website is on the way?
Of course I would love this to be true, but I am beginning to wonder if Salem may be moving on to another phase of his career?  In which case, I know we would all be disappointed if he was to give up his career as a recording artist, however I also know that we would completely respect and support any decision he makes. 

So what's happening? We need answers!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Grattis Salem - another Swedish Grammis win!

It seems so long now since Salem won any awards at the annual Swedish Grammis, so I'm very happy to report some good news tonight.

Salem, Vincent Pontare and Magnus Lidehäll - the songwriting team behind last year's albums by Petter and Veronica Maggio - deservedly picked up the 'best composer' award at Wednesday night's Grammisgalan.

Congratulations once again Salem, and it's good to know that your career as a songwriter for other artists continues to go from strength to strength!

Above: Salem, Vincent and Magnus celebrate.  Picture courtesy of Aftonbladet.