Thursday, 15 July 2010

New Norwegian interview with Salem

There is a very interesting interview (in Norwegian) with Salem at which focuses on the remarks made in the Swedish media (just prior to Melodifestivalen) by Salem's violin teacher Michail Kazinik, when he criticised Salem for turning his back on classical music - "we got a pop artist for the price of a genius".

In this new interview Salem says he can't understand why Mr Kazinik made these comments...and that the attitudes within the classical music world are wrong: "Music is for everyone and no one should be able to say what's good or bad music"..."it is up to the individual listener to decide if he or she likes music". (My comments: Salem's all-inclusive attitude to music is well-documented in many interviews which he has done....and I think that's what makes his own music so diverse and special).

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