Sunday, 25 July 2010

Some Finland stuff...

A snippet from Ålandstidningen:

...and something from Nya Åland: (they have promised a full review and interview with Salem in Monday's newspaper - I wonder how much of it they'll put on the internet?)

As usual, YouTube is a great place to find all-new Salem video footage and on this occasion there is an interview recorded (by Dagens Tidning), with Salem around his gig in Jakobstad (or Pietarsaari, its Finnish name!): Here are some screencaps from the interview:

By the way, if you watch the interview you'll see that Salem is wearing the Damien Adore T-shirt which I will really need to get my hands on if/whenever I get back over to Sweden :)))

And one more thing...if you watch the interview I think you will all agree that Salem looks extremt snygg just nu.... Looks and musical talent: he has it all.

Salem's summer tour now takes a break for a few days: next stop Piteå Dansar och Ler next Friday: - Salem will be on Stora Scenen in the northern Swedish city next Friday night at 20:45.

Hope you have a good break over the next few days deserve it!!

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