Sunday, 1 December 2013

Planet Salem is 6 years old today.

I never thought when I started this blog back on 1st December 2007 that it would still be going today.  So I'm delighted to announce this blog's 6th birthday! 

Of course things have been very quiet here as Salem hasn't released any new solo material for a long time, however he has been very busy collaborating with other artists, notably Avicii.

Salem provided the uncredited vocals on "You Make Me" which reached no.5 in the UK singles chart.  This song was also a big hit in a number of other European charts.

Now the follow-up song, "Hey Brother" is doing well in the European charts and has already been a massive hit in Sweden.  Salem does not sing on this track but he co-wrote it, along with another of my favourite Swedish artists, Vincent Pontare. 

It's great to see Salem having so much success as a songwriter, however it would be great if he could come back as a solo artist again....maybe in 2014?