Monday, 5 July 2010

Vote for Salem in this year's Rockbjörnen!

Just a reminder that you've still got time to nominate Salem in this year's Aftonbladet Rockbjörnen, the Swedish people's music awards. Vote at:

Nominations voting is open until 15th August, then the shortlisted nominations will be revealed and the final round of voting will open and will run until 25th August. The Rockbjörnen gala will take place on 1st September.

Salem fan-power is at its height at the moment (over 36,300 fans on Facebook today) so rösta, rösta, rösta!!

EDIT 07.07.10: I forgot to mention that you can vote once a day, every day! (Thanks again Eva!)

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Eva said...

And remember, you can vote every day! (Once a day). No need to state different e-mail addresses or anything like that... Hope everyone gets voting again and again, as this can make a big difference! :)