Monday, 31 August 2009

Solsbury Hill: Salem's tribute to Peter Gabriel at today's Polar Music Prize

I've just been to TV4's website and watched today's Polar Music Prize ceremony.

Salem opened the show with "Solsbury Hill" and it was just perfect. I loved that little punching-the-air movement he did too!

Salem sat at his grand piano and looked as if he enjoyed every moment: I hope guest of honour Peter Gabriel also enjoyed it.

You can watch the show at, Salem is on at the beginning, I also liked the use of "It's True" as the backing music when the previous years' prizewinners were shown.

Well done Salem....who knows, maybe someday in the future it will be your turn to be presented with this very important award :)))

EDIT 04.09.09: I've watched this a few times since Monday and I hope TV4 keep it on their website for a while and don't delete it - it just gets better every time I hear it. I've done some screencaps and I'll post these this on here this weekend.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

My heart going boom, boom, boom

I've just been watching a clip of Salem singing Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" on Sunday's TV4 "Nyhetsmorgon". I guess that he will also be singing this tomorrow at the Polar Music Prize? This was always one of my favourite Peter Gabriel songs, so I think that's a very good choice Salem! The clip is now available on TV4's website: of course there's a little moment when he forgets the words, that's happening quite a lot these days lol :))))

Salem also sang "Roxy" this morning, you can find that clip at

This was Salem and the band's second appearance on "Nyhetsmorgon" this year, and was of the high standard which we have come to expect by now. Was it just my imagination, or did Salem look a little bit unhappy? (Although I guess that he had to be up very early for his TV appearance which I don't think anyone would be happy about!) Just one more thing: I didn't like the grey pullover. Which has nothing to do with anything of course, but it wouldn't be a Planet Salem TV appearance post if I didn't mention what he was wearing :)

Salem on the Polar Music Prize tomorrow

Salem will be one of the guest stars on this year's Polar Music Prize award ceremony, which takes place tomorrow in Stockholm. This year's prize recipients are José Antonio Abreu and Peter Gabriel. Other artists appearing on tomorrow's show are Maia Hirasawa, Uno Svenningsson, Martin Stenmarck, Moto Boy, Andreas Johnson and Jojje Wadenius. If you're in Sweden you can watch the ceremony live on TV4 tomorrow between 16.45 and 17.55 - otherwise I hope it will be on TV4 Play to watch later.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Salem on Swedish Radio P4 Junior 29.08.09

Salem made a guest appearance on SR's "P4 Junior" on Saturday: keeping it in the family, as one of the show's presenters is none other than his brother Nassim!

Here is a clip (courtesy of of Salem singing "Dream Girl" from this morning's programme. I still don't know how he remembers all those piano lines!

Friday, 28 August 2009

H3FK in Karlskrona tonight

If you are in or around Karlskrona tonight and fancy hearing some world jazz, then you might like to know that H3FK are playing the Jazzbridge festival tonight. Info at and

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Salem in Lund in November

Salem and his band will be doing a show at Mejeriet, Lund on Friday 6th November as part of his short autumn tour. More information at, and tickets will be available from Ticnet as usual.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

What's next?

Almost a year ago to the day I did a post on here wondering what would happen next for Salem. Of course a lot has happened since that time: "It's Only You (Part II") released internationally and featured in the Volvo commercial; "Astronaut" released in Scandinavia; Salem toured Sweden and played some live dates in the USA.

However we are at that stage again when there will probably be less news/information about Salem in the next couple of months, so there won't be as many updates posted on Planet Salem between now and November, unless I do have anything to report (with the help of all my regular readers of course).

Salem - if you are reading this, I hope you are still enjoying the blog. If you have some free time (I know you're a very busy man!), would you be able to get in touch? I need to check out a couple of things with you, and I would really appreciate it if you could send me an email to let me know what you'll be up to in the coming months. (Remember all emails are confidential and I won't share any information unless you ask me to!)

Best wishes,

Saturday, 22 August 2009

"Roxy": P3 playlist news

"Roxy" is still on the P3 radio playlist and is B-listed this week.

I don't think it's going to make the Swedish singles chart now, despite all the recent promotion/TV appearances :)

I wonder if there will be any more singles released from "Astronaut"? Does anyone know?

Friday, 21 August 2009

Salem on SVT's "Go'kväll" this autumn

During this autumn's run of SVT's "Go'kväll", Tina Ahlin will be interviewing some well-known Swedish artists at her home in Värmdö. They include Timo Räisinen, Samuel Ljungblad, Babben Larsson, Caroline af Ugglas....and Salem Al Fakir!

I don't have any information as yet when Salem will be appearing, but I'll find out and let you know. The new series of "Go'kväll" starts on SVT on 1st September.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Morgonpasset i P3 (again)

Yes, once again Salem will be back on the airwaves of P3 this coming Wednesday, 19th August, as he's returning to "Morgonpasset i P3" for yet another special guest appearance. Remember to tune in! (And as usual, if anyone wants to translate what Salem said on the show, then it would be much appreciated as always!!)

Here's a picture of Salem having breakfast in the P3 studio (courtesy of

I thought you might like to see this too: Salem doing a foxy little dance whilst the weather forecast was being read out! :)))

Salem in Malmö

Anders Jaderup has written a very positive review of Salem's concert with the Malmö Operaorkester in Sydsvenskan. Find it at

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Salem plays Mariefred tonight / Malmöfestivalen on Monday

Salem will be on stage at 21:00 at the Pumpstockfestivalen taking place at Skottvångs Grufva in Mariefred tonight.

Then something very big is happening on Monday night in Malmö, as Salem will be getting together with the Malmö Operaorkester to perform at Malmöfestivalen. The show takes place at Stora Scenen on Stortorget between 21:00 and 22:30.

This will be Salem's second time at Malmöfestivalen (he appeared there in 2007) but this will be a very special show indeed, as a musical collaboration between Salem and the orchestra is not to be missed.

If you are going to either Mariefred or Malmö, remember to post your comments here!

Astronaut guitar chords - request

I received this request via email:


Jag undrar ifall det finns några gitarr ackord att få tag på till ex. Astronaut? Har letat på nätet men inte hittat så många.Skulle vara super om ni kunde ordna det! Mycket bra musik Salem, såg dig live i kalmar, härlig känsla!

Mvh Pär

Can anyone help? If you know where to find guitar chords for the song I will pass this information on to Pär.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

New Volvo XC60 commercial (if you live in the UK)

If you've been searching for the song from the new Volvo XC60 commercial which began being screened on TV here in the UK this week, you may have found your way to this blog and if so, I would like to wish you a very warm welcome!

However this is when it gets confusing!!

This commercial is not the Volvo XC60 commercial being screened elsewhere in the world, and which was screened very briefly in the UK at the end of 2008. That commercial ("from Sweden with love", with the car floating up into the air) features Salem's "It's Only You (Part II)" - a truly wonderful song - and introduced a lot of people in various parts of the world to the music of Salem Al Fakir, the magnificent artist whom this blog is all about.

The new commercial ("there's more to life than a Volvo") features another song entirely, which I don't know the name of, and which is sung by another artist and not Salem.

I hope this clears up the confusion.

I'm very disappointed that we're getting a different commercial from everyone else - this would have been a great way to introduce Salem's music to the British public and is yet another missed opportunity.


Last chance to see "Grattis Kronprinsessan" today

Just a reminder that if you haven't seen it already (and why not???), you only have a few hours left to see Salem's brilliant performance of "Astronaut" and "Good Song" on the "Grattis Kronprinsessan" concert from 14.07.2009, before this video is removed from their website at midnight Swedish time. You'll find the link at my previous post of 15.07.2009 ("By Royal Appointment").

As for "Lotta på Liseberg" this will be available to watch on TV4's website until Sunday (or maybe Monday, I'm not sure) and again you can find the link in my previous post. I watched the show again last night and absolutely loved Salem's songs and interviews. I would encourage you to watch the show if you're a Salem fan. Even if you're not a fan, you might still enjoy his performances! :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Some screencaps from "Lotta på Liseberg" 10.08.2009

I've just finished watching "Lotta på Liseberg" on TV4's website. The full show can be seen at and it's essential viewing for all Salem fans from beginning to end, as he is not only featured singing "Roxy" but he's also a very enthusiastic participant in an "Allsång", there's also an interview and then he sings a few lines of "The Winner Takes It All" at the end of the show. Fantastic, and yes I did get quite emotional watching this. I think it was because seeing Salem on a stage in Gothenburg brought back all the emotion of seeing him play live in Gothenburg back in April.... This was also Salem's last TV appearance of the summer (unless there are any more which I don't know about) so I felt rather sad about that too :(
However, watching Salem sing and perform on "Lotta" warmed my heart and made the sun shine through the rain. He is simply magical. And if SVT need a new presenter someday for "Allsång på Skansen" then they should look no further than Salem - he would be perfect!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Strömstad/Kalmar: were you there? / Salem on "Lotta" tomorrow night

If you were at Salem's shows in Strömstad (Friday night) and Kalmar (last night) then remember to let us know what you thought of the show. Your comments are always welcome :)

Tomorrow is the last of the current series of TV4's "Lotta på Liseberg" and - of course - they've saved the best until last, because Salem will be appearing on the show!!

What's in a name?

Whilst shopping in the city yesterday I picked up a copy of NME (famous British music magazine). Inside there was a feature about the top 50 influential music acts/websites for the future of music. Suddenly, I just saw that name on the page.... Salem. I became very excited!!

But then I read on and I realised that it’s not (our) Salem (Al Fakir) but it’s a group - and here’s where it gets confusing. There is already a death-metal group called Salem, but it’s not them, it’s a completely different group.

So there are now three acts in the musical world called Salem (!)

But for me, only one of them is the future of music :))))))

I just wonder though, if maybe (our) Salem who shortened his artist-name with a view to an international career, may need to become Salem Al Fakir again, if only to distinguish himself from these other acts with the same name??

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Salem plays Mosebacke, Stockholm tomorrow

I found this advert for Salem's outdoor concert tomorrow at Mosebacke in Stockholm (courtesy of and I just had to share it here! A bright sunny day is forecast, with a temperature of 22 degrees, which should be just perfect for everyone going to the show. If you are going, remember to post your comments here after the show.

Oh and by the way, this is my 400th post on Planet Salem! :))

Monday, 3 August 2009

Kalmar Stadsfest next Saturday, and bad news from Karlstad

In case you didn't already know, Salem will play at next Saturday's Kalmar Stadsfest. He will be top of the bill on Saturday night's Stadsparken line-up and should be on stage at 22:00.

More information about the Kalmar Stadsfest line-up at

Meanwhile it's not good news from Mariebergsskogen in Karlstad, where Salem was supposed to play last week but which was cancelled. There are no plans to reschedule the concert, according to the following article:

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gynning is the one who gave it to me...!


Salem was on last night's "Sommarkrysset" singing "Roxy": I've just watched it on YouTube so here are my observations...

1. He's had his hair cut again, and he was wearing his white shirt, tie and cardigan. Looked very good (as usual).

2. The way he sang "you're better off alone in bed" sent a little shiver down my spine for some reason ;)

3. The backing band was very good, but of course Salem's piano solo made it extra special.

4. I liked the "Gynning is the one...." lyric, but then Salem forgot the next line :))))

As usual if you have any comments on his latest TV appearance then remember to post them here! It should be available soon at but in the meantime you can see it at this YouTube link: