Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Some screencaps from "Lotta på Liseberg" 10.08.2009

I've just finished watching "Lotta på Liseberg" on TV4's website. The full show can be seen at and it's essential viewing for all Salem fans from beginning to end, as he is not only featured singing "Roxy" but he's also a very enthusiastic participant in an "Allsång", there's also an interview and then he sings a few lines of "The Winner Takes It All" at the end of the show. Fantastic, and yes I did get quite emotional watching this. I think it was because seeing Salem on a stage in Gothenburg brought back all the emotion of seeing him play live in Gothenburg back in April.... This was also Salem's last TV appearance of the summer (unless there are any more which I don't know about) so I felt rather sad about that too :(
However, watching Salem sing and perform on "Lotta" warmed my heart and made the sun shine through the rain. He is simply magical. And if SVT need a new presenter someday for "Allsång på Skansen" then they should look no further than Salem - he would be perfect!!