Monday, 31 August 2009

Solsbury Hill: Salem's tribute to Peter Gabriel at today's Polar Music Prize

I've just been to TV4's website and watched today's Polar Music Prize ceremony.

Salem opened the show with "Solsbury Hill" and it was just perfect. I loved that little punching-the-air movement he did too!

Salem sat at his grand piano and looked as if he enjoyed every moment: I hope guest of honour Peter Gabriel also enjoyed it.

You can watch the show at, Salem is on at the beginning, I also liked the use of "It's True" as the backing music when the previous years' prizewinners were shown.

Well done Salem....who knows, maybe someday in the future it will be your turn to be presented with this very important award :)))

EDIT 04.09.09: I've watched this a few times since Monday and I hope TV4 keep it on their website for a while and don't delete it - it just gets better every time I hear it. I've done some screencaps and I'll post these this on here this weekend.


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EuropeCrazy said...

Aww thanks for letting me know about it...this was just fabulous too. What an experience it must have been for Salem to play a Peter Gabriel song not once but twice in front of the man himself. Hopefully Peter will have been impressed and he'll spread the word about Salem to the worldwide music community as he remains a very influential artist.

I've also found the other clip of the outdoor musical tributes to Peter Gabriel - a very interesting version of "Sledgehammer" by Moto Boy, and Eric Gadd singing "Big Time", which is at