Sunday, 9 August 2009

What's in a name?

Whilst shopping in the city yesterday I picked up a copy of NME (famous British music magazine). Inside there was a feature about the top 50 influential music acts/websites for the future of music. Suddenly, I just saw that name on the page.... Salem. I became very excited!!

But then I read on and I realised that it’s not (our) Salem (Al Fakir) but it’s a group - and here’s where it gets confusing. There is already a death-metal group called Salem, but it’s not them, it’s a completely different group.

So there are now three acts in the musical world called Salem (!)

But for me, only one of them is the future of music :))))))

I just wonder though, if maybe (our) Salem who shortened his artist-name with a view to an international career, may need to become Salem Al Fakir again, if only to distinguish himself from these other acts with the same name??


Anonymous said...

Salem is easier said all over the world. Hopefully there's more than a name to distinguish them?..

EuropeCrazy said...

Their music is all certainly different - and of course there is no-one like Salem Al Fakir, he is a very unique performer!!

What needs to happen now is for Salem's record company to promote his music all over the world so that the world knows his name - I hope this happens very soon.