Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Salem plays Mosebacke, Stockholm tomorrow

I found this advert for Salem's outdoor concert tomorrow at Mosebacke in Stockholm (courtesy of and I just had to share it here! A bright sunny day is forecast, with a temperature of 22 degrees, which should be just perfect for everyone going to the show. If you are going, remember to post your comments here after the show.

Oh and by the way, this is my 400th post on Planet Salem! :))


Karin D G said...

I was there! It was the loveliest kind of Swedish summer night, and Mosebacketerrassen has got a magnificent view over Stockholm. Beautiful! Salem played music from both albums and also Brooklyn sun (Stockholm sun :) ), and he seemed to enjoy it as much as we did in the audience. Great band, too. "Hope we all can get together soon again!" :)

By the way, congratulations to the 400th post! :)

Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic concert!

Edvin said...

It was an absolutely fantastic evening. :) He played Brooklyn Sun with a new verse! And I got the setlist!
This is what it says; though it is missing Astronaut and one more track which I cannot recall atm:

"Cold Shower
12 fingers
[This is] who i am
It's Only You [Part II]
Good Song
Devill Look
Dream Girl
Brooklyn [Sun]
One of The Others
It's True
Thank You"

EuropeCrazy said...

Karin - I'm just trying to imagine how wonderful it must have been in Stockholm last night - it sounded like the most perfect night :)

I'm so happy that both Salem, the band and the audience enjoyed his homecoming show.

Edvin - thanks for the setlist, what a great set :) And I'm glad to see that he's still playing "Brooklyn Sun" too.

Edvin said...

Roxy was played in the end of the set, so Astronaut and Roxy is the missing songs there. :)

If you have a Facebook account you can check out my 70 pictures from the gig! :)