Thursday, 13 August 2009

New Volvo XC60 commercial (if you live in the UK)

If you've been searching for the song from the new Volvo XC60 commercial which began being screened on TV here in the UK this week, you may have found your way to this blog and if so, I would like to wish you a very warm welcome!

However this is when it gets confusing!!

This commercial is not the Volvo XC60 commercial being screened elsewhere in the world, and which was screened very briefly in the UK at the end of 2008. That commercial ("from Sweden with love", with the car floating up into the air) features Salem's "It's Only You (Part II)" - a truly wonderful song - and introduced a lot of people in various parts of the world to the music of Salem Al Fakir, the magnificent artist whom this blog is all about.

The new commercial ("there's more to life than a Volvo") features another song entirely, which I don't know the name of, and which is sung by another artist and not Salem.

I hope this clears up the confusion.

I'm very disappointed that we're getting a different commercial from everyone else - this would have been a great way to introduce Salem's music to the British public and is yet another missed opportunity.



Ann said...

Oh, for God´s sake - are you a grown woman?

"Uuuaahhh, Salem - the all mighty god of the music world (who you secretly wish were your boyfriend) doesn´t get ALL the attention..! And you´re so very, very disappointed... Because you feel that the world have been robbed now, right?"

You´re a silly woman - and sometimes I wonder if it´s Salem himself who´s behind this blog, because you don´t seem to have anything sensible to say about him. It´s all about his fantastic gift to the world... *Sigh*

This might be news to you but:

1) Yes, Salem´s a good artist but there´s many, many other in this world who´s actually better.

2) It´s actually doubtful if he´ll ever get any bigger. He´s lousy at english and can´t keep an conversation if he has to talk it with reporters from outside Sweden.

3) His lyrics are quite childish and simple, he should grow up and let someone help him instead of keeping it all to himself.

4) He´s not that great as a singer. really, he´s not.

5) His music videos - to be truthful - looks like they´ve costed about 50 pounds to make. Cheap and childish.

You however doesn´t seem to have any judgement at all. In your little world of flowers Salem and you are - if not lovers - at least best buddies, and therefore you´ll keep this silly blog. Who knows, maybe you´ll get a kiss on the lips next time you see him?! *LOL*

Salem would really do better without fans like you, because he has MUCH to learn. I doubt he has sold that much with this latest album and he´s probably in panic right now "since he´s the wizard of the music world"...

Anonymous said...

Though the post above is a little bit harsh I regretfully have to agree on some points.

I´ve found Salem a bit disappointing in his latest album. He sounds too much like Mika and kind of have the same image: happy, excentric, a bit childish.

As a grown woman I feel that he has lost a bit of his appeal to me, it feels like he makes music for 14-year olds even though he´s close to 30 himself. His latest video almost made me embarrased because it felt so... silly. But I bet the 14 year olds loved it! =)

I hope he´ll shape up a bit. I was at a concert with him about 6 months ago and the crowd was very small, surprisingly small. It almost feels like he has lost peoples interest, but I guess the future will tell...

Best regards,