Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Virserum review and interviews with Salem

There's a review and a nice little interview with Salem from yesterday's show at Virserums Kyrka at
I thought you would like to see this photograph too ;) (courtesy of Eva-Britt Harryson,, who also wrote the article).

Despite having a cold and a sore throat, it didn't stop him from performing a fabulous concert with his band! Very interesting to read that he didn't perform "All Day Love" as he stated that it was a personal gift to the couple...which made me wonder if he will ever perform it live again?

EDIT 30.06.10: Found this nice interview by Camilla Ärleskog at ....and another lovely picture of Salem (photograph courtesy of Camilla Ärleskog):


Eva said...

A bit sad if he won't ever perform it live again ... I definitely think it would boost the sales, I mean; after all the song has been released on iTunes? But he is obviously a man of principle :)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Of course it was a gift from Salem to all of us too, giving away that free download at ICA, so that also affected the sales of the song. Maybe he will keep it for another special occasion before he performs it again? (Dalhalla would be perfect). But yes, Salem is a man of principle and he obviously has his reasons for not performing it again. Which is very sad, because it deserves to be heard by a wider audience :)