Sunday, 27 June 2010

Virserum tomorrow night - discuss it here!

If you are one of the lucky people who is going to Salem's sold-out show tomorrow night, which is part of the Virserums Musikdagar festivities, then let us know about it and leave your comments about the show here!

I didn't realise until today that the concert was taking place in a church (Virserums Kyrka) so that will be an unusual and special venue for his show. Here is a picture of Virserums Kyrka, from the official Virserums Musikdagar website:


Anonymous said...

This is not really about Virserum but there´s an article in the Swedish gossip magazine "Se och hör" about Salem right now.
He commented that his relationship with Maja was over and that he now wanted to become a dad. :-)

I did also see him with that gorgeous blonde in Gothenburg (at least I think I do, looooong blonde hair and sweei as candy... :-) )
I was just visiting Konserthuset, do not live there.


Anna A said...

Först, Hoppas det är okej att jag skriver på svenska :P
det andra är att du va sjukt bra ikväll i virserum! har sett dig två gånger innan men det här va den bästa! (om du undra så såg jag dig på hultsfredsfestivalen och när du vva förband åt Alicia Keys i Stockholm!)
Hade velat ha en autograf men vet inte riktigt hur jag ska gå till väga!
Aja, Fortsätt att skriv underbar musik!

//Puss Anna från Hultsfred

Anonymous said...

I can only say one thing about the show: magic.

Focus on Life said...

What a beautiful and unual venue. As much as I love Salem, I love buildings like this, I wouldnt have known where to look if I'd been lucky enough to be there! Sharon x