Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Are you the face of Dalhalla?

Salem needs your help for this new competition! From his Facebook fan page today:

Jag behöver din hjälp! Vill du vara med på minaffisch till konserten på Dalhalla den 21/8? Ta en bild på ditt ansiktemot en VIT bakgrund och maila den till (max 1mb). Viväljer ca 10 ansikten som får vara med på postern tillsammans med mig och bandet. Vi måste ha din bild senast 18 juni kl 10. De utvalda får, förutom ä att vara med på affischen, även två biljetter till konserten. Lycka till!

For non-Swedish speakers:

I need your help! Do you want to be on my poster for the concert of Dalhalla 21/8? Take a picture of your face against a white background and email it to (max 1 MB). We will select approximately 10 faces that may be included on the poster along with me and the band. We must have your image by 18 June at 10. The winners shall win two tickets to the concert, in addition to being on the poster. Good luck!


Focus on Life said...

What an ingenious idea, I'm very impressed with that, how cool! No use sending my picture in though, I'd say Lancashire, UK is a touch too far away to make the free ticket cut. Good luck if you're entering though! Sharon x

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Ha ha! I'm far too camera-shy to enter this one!! I'd really have loved to have gone over to Sweden again for the Dalhalla show as it has the makings of a classic - but real life intervened at this point as a) I can't get the time off work as it's in peak holiday season, and b) I can't afford to go back to Sweden again so soon. Will just have to watch the YouTube clips, read the comments and cross everything for a live DVD :)

Do you think you'll ever get over to Sweden to see him live at some point? I'll need to organise a British fans' convention or something :))

Focus on Life said...

Well, I do have my little camper van that hasnt been christened abroad yet so who knows! Maybe I could combine a concert with a camping holiday one fine day Laura! And rest assured, you'll be the first person I'll get in touch with in that case :-) Sharon

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Now that would be great fun - Salem's most devoted British fans on tour!! :))