Thursday, 17 June 2010

Were you at Skeppsbron tonight???

I was just wondering how many people were in the audience at Salem's Skeppsbron show tonight? A few thousand? If you were one of them....let us know how much you enjoyed the show!

EDIT 22.06.10: Meant to post this earlier: Scandipop's review of Thursday night's Love Stockholm live shows, which of course included Skeppsbron....


Eva said...

Of course I was :D
A wonderful evening, with the beautiful light of a swedish summer sky surrounding the stage. I was a bit further from the stage this time, so I did my best to make the somewhat lazy crowd there (as always at admission-free festival concerts...) clap and dance along. So, a bit different from Berns of course - not only convinced fans in the audience tonight ;) But nevertheless a very good show! Hightlights of the evening? I would say Astronaut, It's True and of course 4 O'Clock :)

Sofia said...

i was there :D
i think it was good :) i did not like that it was alot of people there that did'nt listen to the music... they were just there "because".
a group called Familjen played before salem, so i guess alot of people stayed from that consert.
as i said, salems consert was good :) but if I compare it with the consert at Berns, Berns was ALOT better!
but, skeppsholmen was good to ;) haha

some of us waited the whole evening to meet salem. we stood out in tho cold night, with mean workers shouting at us, saing that we were in the way. but after 1.5 hours, he came out from the stage. finally, we all thought. but he had no time for us. he shooked our hands, and talked with us for a bit, maybe 5 minutes. but no photos, hugs or autographs. he "had to go". yeah, sure.
so that was not nice..
but i got to talk for him just a bit, so i think it was a little bit worth it to stand there for 1.5 hours ;)

hugs/ sofia