Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Salem's NRK P3 Session tonight: Dagbladet's review, NRK's pictures, and where you can hear it!

Here is a review of tonight's P3 Session with Robyn and Salem in Oslo:

I liked these pictures from tonight's show, which are courtesy of NRK P3 @ Flickr, photographed by Tom Øverlie, NRK P3. More pictures from tonight at their Flickr photostream.

Whilst I'm on the subject, does anyone know if Salem's live set will be available to listen to at NRK's website/nettradio? They have Robyn's live session but I can't find Salem's yet :( Sadly I wasn't able to hear the show tonight as I wasn't at home. Were any of you at the show???

24 hours later....
EDIT 24.06.10: I've finally found it and am listening right now!!

Set List:

Red Rock
Cold Shower
4 O'Clock
Dream Girl
It's True
Keep On Walking

You can hear the show at and if you click on the link 'Hør hele P3 sessions med Salem Al Fakir og Robyn her' you can hear the show on NRK's nettradio.

It was great, wasn't it??? :))
I loved Salem's set, and was particularly excited to hear "Backseat" as I've never heard him perform a full version of this live before, apart from seeing a brief clip from Berns on YouTube. I like the way that all the songs seem to run into each other, especially the segue from "Backseat" into "It's True" - and I thought it was a particularly good version of that song, so credit on this occasion must go to Salem's excellent band for "beefing up" the song!

And of course a fabulous version of "Keep On Walking" to finish!

OK I need to go to sleep now because I need to be up for work early in the morning but I just had to hear the P3 session before heading off to bed :)))

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