Saturday, 19 June 2010

All Day Love!

For me, yesterday started off like any other Friday: woke up, went to work, posted the Swedish chart update at coffee-break time, had a very busy day at work and was glad when it was over so that I could come home and watch the YouTube clips from Skeppsbron. I didn't expect that the day would bring a new Salem song!

Last night I was briefly on Twitter, where there was a post from Salem via Facebook that he would be appearing on SVT, along with Linn and Stefan, to perform a new song.....I went to SVT's website where the concert for Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, from the Konserthuset in Stockholm, was being broadcast live on the internet so was able to watch Salem's performance of "All Day Love", his new song written especially for the occasion. What a lovely wedding gift, having Salem write and perform a song for the happy couple!

"All Day Love" is a sweet and joyous song: the concert featured an astonishing and ambitious orchestral arrangement of the song, (arranged by the one and only Hans Ek), with warm and heartfelt lyrics written by Linn Segolson, who is a very talented singer and songwriter, and the sister of the equally talented Stefan Segolson who is a great supporter of this blog, both of whom provided excellent backing vocals for Salem on the song last night.

Of course, Salem, being the excellent showman that he is, managed to get the audience (made up of royal families, politicians etc) clapping along - and Crown Princess Victoria is obviously a big Salem fan too. Even Britain's representative, Prince Edward, was smiling after Salem's performance. And did you all spot Sami in the orchestra??

I was lucky enough to get my free download of the song this morning from so get along there quickly, if you haven't got it yet. There's a free download available to the first 5000 people who log on there.

Today, more than ever, I am proud and happy to be a Salem Al Fakir fan :))

Here is Salem's performance of "All Day Love" from last night....enjoy!