Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Liseberg reviews in Expressen and GP

Found these this morning - (both positive reviews I guess, given that there can sometimes be a lack of enthusiasm from the Swedish media about Salem's live shows - why are they reluctant to give him five stars???? )

That's amazing news that 6,500 people were there! It's only a matter of time until he's playing the Scandinavium :))

EDIT 23:00: I'm watching and enjoying the YouTube clips posted so far. Hope there will be more to come! It just occurred to me that "4 O'Clock" provides the best clapping-opportunity for a live audience since another crowd-pleasing anthem, Queen's "We Will Rock You"!! Don't you agree??


Zelly said...

I will post my videos when I am home from work, my sister and I saw his soundcheck, so I have great videos from it :)

Zelly said...

Hi Laura, hope you are well.
I have posted my videos from Liseberg at my youtube chanel and you can also see some pictures on my blog. Salem had a soundcheck that we of course stayed and watched.

and my youtube page:

Once again great job with this page and bringing us news about Salem.

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hi Zelly! I'm fine, hope you are well too.

Thanks for posting the videos - these are great! I'm glad that you got to see the soundcheck as well as the show.

Glad you still like the blog too - keep in touch :)

Anonymous said...

Synd att vi inte fick höra "One of the others" på Liseberg: minabsoluta favorit.

Anna said...

Too bad we didn´t get to hear "One of the others" on Liseberg. /Anna

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

I hope he hasn't completely dropped "One Of The Others" from the live set - it is a great song which is even better when played live. Did Salem play "Twelve Fingers" at Liseberg, as this seems to have been left out of recent live shows too?