Sunday, 4 April 2010

Glad Påsk!!!!

Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend.....and listening to lots of Salem's music of course :)))

Great news today! "Keep On Walking" is still at no.1 in Swedish Radio P3's Digilistan chart.

I also noticed that the song is still at no.1 in the "Tracks" chart - don't forget to vote at and keep Salem at the top next week. Voting closes as usual at 2.00 pm tomorrow so "keep on voting"!

Sadly "Keep On Walking" is no longer at no.1 in the Rix FM Topp 6, but remember to keep voting at and who knows, the song may go back up to the top!

I previously mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Salem would be appearing on the Petra Mede Show on TV3. This will now be shown on Monday 26th April and not tomorrow as previously mentioned.

Salem at Berns: the first show on Saturday 8th May is now sold out, so Salem has added another show on Sunday 9th May at 21:00 - tickets are still available at

More good news about this show is that the support act is none other than Oskar Linnros, formerly of Snook - whom Salem worked with in the past. Oskar will be releasing his first solo album this year so this is an opportunity to check out some of his new material.

Salem will also be doing a show specially for his younger fans (under 18 years old) at Berns on Sunday 9th May at 17:00. Tickets are still available at

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