Saturday, 17 April 2010

This weekend, one year ago....

It was a bright and sunny Saturday night in Gothenburg, and Salem was performing with his band at Trädgår'n. And I was there. My first ever Salem concert, and I also got the chance to meet him for the first time. An evening I will never forget.

Can it really be a year since then? The time has gone so quickly...and of course I have been back to Sweden since then to see him again!

If you haven't read my review of Salem's Trädgår'n show yet, you can find it at

A fantastic experience...if you live near any of the venues on Salem's forthcoming tour then you must go and see him live, as he is such a brilliant, talented and charismatic performer. Of course you knew that already but I just thought I'd mention it again ;)

By the way, this is my 600th post on Planet Salem, every one has been a pleasure to write and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. Much more to come....!

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