Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Liselotte - can you please post your comments again?

Hi Liselotte,

I was very interested to read your comments about Salem on the Petra Mede show, however I had a problem this morning when I tried to publish your comment so can you please send it again?

You made a lot of very good points and I really want to share them with everyone.

I agree that Salem looked a bit uncomfortable at times although he kept smiling like the wonderful person he is :)



Liselotte said...

Lol xD Thanks I guess ;) Here it is again :)

I was embarrassed on her behalf. It was awful, poor Salem. He just sat there laughing and smiling :P He seemed to be uncomfortable :P Sometimes though, Petra got a bullseye xD
I was laughing and smiling the whole time, mostly though because of Salem, and Petras extremely bad and riddiculus jokes :P
Anyway, when Salem got up on stage, he was a completely different person, so energetic, and happy! Best ever :D Salem is great :D He seemed to enjoy himself VERY much! ^^
But I wished he'd chosen a different song, sure "I'm so happy" is GREAT! I love it, but there are songs that are much better ;) But the song got along with is mood perfectly ;)

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks again :) my problem seems to be solved now and your comments have been published.

I agree with you about "I'm So Happy", it was probably a perfect choice for that type of show. Yes I also like the song, but there are so many other Salem songs that I like even more..

Ellie said...

I don't usually write comments, although I am a fan of Salem. I just wanted to say that I was deeply offended by the Petra Mede Show this monday. As a person with the same family situation as Salem (swedish mother and a non-european father) I thought Petras comment on why Salems family don't celebrate christmas - "so the arab came and ran over christianity" (something like that) was disgusting and disrespectful to say the least. I could go on forever and explain why but I won't. Also, the paedophile joke about his violin teacher was also pushing the limits...awful show!
Sorry for the long comment! Salem was great though! Personally, I would have pushed Petra into the swimming pool! :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Ellie,

Thanks for your comment - remember you are very welcome to comment here anytime as we're all Salem fans here!

I agree 100% with you that Petra Mede's comments were very offensive, unacceptable and disrespectful. It is particularly offensive when racist comments are made about Salem's background/culture. And as for the comment about the violin teacher - that is completely sick.

Yes, she should have been thrown into that pool!

Salem has dignity, talent and class - three things that Ms Mede will never have.

Ida Turesson said...

Don´t forget that she´s playing a character although it has the same name as her, Petra. She isn´t like that normally.
I can understand why people was offended but it´s only a show...

By the way, that girl Stefan talked about earlier in a comment (the one who maybe was a secret love??) is probably my former aerobic-step-bodytoning instructor. You see, I was on the concert as well and so was she. And she fits the description very well... :-)
Her name starts with an M....

PS: Yes, she is THAT pretty!