Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gothenburg Konserthuset review at

I'd given up hope of finding any reviews of that fantastic Gothenburg show but then this turned up:

Reviewer Emma Rastbäck makes some very relevant points and I totally agree with what she said about "Good Song" and particularly "One of the Others" being completely enhanced by the mix of Salem's piano and the orchestral accompaniment...and I like her description of Salem as a "crazily chuckling pop version of Jerry Lee Lewis" during "Roxy", not knowing whether to sit or stand.

If you want to read this review it can be found at

And if you were at the show, do you agree with what she said about the shouting from the audience?

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Anonymous said...

I agree a little about the audience. It was a little too much after a while, it wasn't a proper arena for that kind of shouting. Konserthuset is better than that.