Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dala-Demokraten's Dalhalla review above picture is courtesy of Dala-Demokraten)

Reviewer Bengt Pettersson awards 4 out of 5 for last night's sell-out concert to an audience of 4000 fans. "Salem Al Fakir did it again. Success at Dalhalla. He managed to get everyone to forget that it rained during the first half of the concert and gave a totally brilliant music show".

The reviewer went on to say that "Brooklyn Sun" was one of the highlights, particularly with the accompaniment of the Gävle Symphony Orchestra. The reviewer also particularly enjoyed a new instrumental piece "Dina dagar är räknade" ("Your days are numbered") which Salem performed together with Sami and the orchestra.

Also I found out something new in this review which I didn't know before - September revealed last night that she attended the same school as Salem. I can only agree with Mr Pettersson's comment - "they must have had a good music teacher".


Anonymous said...

The tune they dis together is "Manfreds Dans".

Fredrik P och F said...

Yes, I must agree to the last comment - it was definitely "Manfreds dans". Maybe they've given it a new name, but the composition is certainly not that new =)

"Brooklyn Sun" was just as magical this time around, but altogether the show was not quite as successful as last year. Particularly due to a much worse sound quality - and, actually, some really surprising fumbles by Salem (!) concerning his jazz piano solos and forgetting some lyrics.

And the setlist was quite as well planned. He actually was called up for an encore AFTER the two planned encores ("Keep On Walking" and "All Day Love") - which was both satisfying and saddening, considering he was so very reluctant, and hardly remembered either the lyrics or the chords for "Thank You" (BUT: it was a great, great, GREAT encore number).

But somehow it felt more magic, maybe because he's had this six month's break since the last show - in contrast to last year, when he'd been doing shows almost non stop since 2006 or something.