Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Disappointed :(

Over the last couple days we learned that Salem has teamed up with Pontus De Wolfe on a new music project which I believe is called Earpony. Salem and Pontus have of course written a new book about music ("Vad är musik?")

We finally got to hear the result of their musical collaboration when Salem performed with Pontus de Wolfe on tonight's Rockbjörnen gala. The song is called "Jag e frågan du e svaret". Remember these are only my personal thoughts, so here we go...

After over 4 years as a Salem fan, I never thought the day would come when I would be disappointed by any musical project he was involved in. But when I watched this performance, all I felt was disappointment. The main problem with the song was Pontus' vocals, which were nervous and, to use a British term, "ropey" - in other words, pretty poor. On the plus side it was nice to see Salem involved in a Swedish-language track, as I would really love to hear him write and sing in Swedish at some point in his solo career. I understand that Salem may want to be in the background for a change and let Pontus take the spotlight, but it makes no sense when Salem has such a great voice and should be singing the lead vocals instead.

Maybe it is unfair to judge the song on a live version, but I can only hope that the recorded version of the song will be a vast improvement.

Listen and judge for yourself at
What did you think of the song/performance tonight? Your comments (as always) are welcome!


Fredrik P och F said...

I think an important part of being a true fan is being critical to the artist, and thereby open to the possibility of becoming disappointed. Salem is a fantastic musician and person, and everything that "comes out" of him can't be just as amazing.

I somewhat agree to your review, although (probably since I read this before I saw the clip), I wasn't very disappointed. To me the worst bits seemed to be the poor arrangement and lack of... well, sound, really. It just felt meager.

Pontus de Wolfe seems to have a really strange voice, but I actually don't think he was that nervous... obviously this performance wasn't one of Salem's greatest hits, but I look forward to hear what he'll come up with in the (hopefully close) future.

And this strange performance makes me even more interested in reading the book.

Otis said...

Check out the studio version on spotify though, It's soooo much better!!