Friday, 5 August 2011

A couple of pre-Dalhalla interviews

Firstly, Expressen

Salem told Expressen: "I felt I needed a break from myself". After a hectic 2010, he felt he needed a break - "Since 2006 I have been out there and played every spring, summer and was on the verge of becoming too much. I felt that now, do I need a break. But it is also good for the audience, so that they do not tire of me for good".

Don't worry Salem, we will never tire of you!!

In Dala-Demokraten Salem says "It worked so well with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra last time and it was so amazingly nice to play there, so getting to Dalhalla again was a dream I had. It's going to be outrageously fun, if we may say so"..."It is one thing when you're out there and playing for an entire summer, then we are not nervous. But now that you only do one evening with such fine guests, Orchestra and large audience it feels like a big task. But I try to take it as calmly as possible and have fun along the way".

The article reveals that Oskar Linnros and September will play their own songs during the concert, and we can also expect a musical collaboration between the three artists.

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