Sunday, 7 August 2011

DT's Dalhalla review

Fridah Jönsson gives a 4-star review of Salem and his special guests at Dalhalla, although she's not so keen on September's performance. There is also a nice photo slide-show from the concert in this article.

By the way, can any of you tell me if Salem duetted with Oskar and/or September and if so, what songs did they play?

Also, what did you think of Salem's special guests Oskar and September? Did you enjoy them or did they disappoint you? Leave your comments here.

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Fredrik P och F said...

He duetted with September on "All Day Love", which wasn't the wisest of ideas. The song isn't written in a key suitable for her voice. Shame, since she's a really great singer.

I think both of them did well, but the sound (specially from the microphones) made it sound worse than it was, the lead vocals disappeared in a somewhat blurred wall of sound. But September is (like I said) a remarkable singer, and Oskar Linnros had an amazing energy.