Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Today's update - 23.03.2010

Just to let you know that I'll post my final update tomorrow evening, then Planet Salem will be closing for a few days whilst I'm over in Gothenburg for Salem's concert - I'll answer any comments/emails tomorrow night and then I won't be available again till late Sunday night when I'm back home.

But let's take a look back at what happened today...

Salem was in Norway today, and he posted a nice picture of his crew on Facebook:

Hej Mankan! Are you still reading my blog? Hope things are going very well for you, and it's good to know that you are still working with Salem :)

The next big event of course will be Salem's signing at Bengans in Gothenburg tomorrow at 16:00 - remember to get along there and show Salem your love and support!

Salem will be doing a signing in Umeå this Saturday at 14:00 in Media Markt. Of course Salem will also be playing the Umeå Open festival this Saturday and will be on stage at 22:45. Find the full schedule of acts appearing at I also notice that one of my favourite Swedish bands, Fibes, Oh Fibes! will be playing this festival and will be on stage at 21:00 on Friday night. At the very same moment that Salem will be taking to the stage in Gothenburg!

Salem now has over 25,200 fans on Facebook, which is fabulous news. You are all doing a great job over there :)

"Keep On Walking" was no.1 again in today's Rix FM Topp 6 Klockan 6 chart - keep on voting!

Finally, Salem posted on Facebook that his appearance on the Petra Mede Show on TV3 will be screened on Monday 5th April at 22:00.


Darkfairy said...

*grins broadly* ello L.(O_o weird dirty den much?) well anyway. -air huuuug- you're doing soooo extremely well and I am sooo happy that Salem has gotten this far :DD 3rd album!!! -SCRRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAMMMM- exsqueez the hyperness haha but I am soooo extremely proud of you!! the fansite has just become a haven (I was watching from the shadows sorry for not saying hi earlier but had college work then my net crashed for like 2months...I can go on, it was complete and utter chaos)but now I'm back, well I think I'm back O_o course is nearly finito so I'll have loads of time to blog ( :[ my poor neglected blog)

anyway I think I'm rambling now but you HAVE to message me back and tell me how you are :)


EuropeCrazy said...

Ello you!

Still here, still doing it, still fighting the good fight and preaching about the world's greatest musical genius! You can probably tell that it's all good at the moment, Salem is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

You got the album yet? If not...hope you get it very soon! It's very different - but always wonderful of course.

I knew you'd be too busy with the college stuff - glad it will soon be over, and it's great to have you back in blog-land again. You and your emails have been much missed :))

I'll catch up with you when I get back from Sweden - talk soon!