Monday, 22 March 2010

My Gothenburg countdown: the waiting is almost over!

On Thursday afternoon I will finally be flying over to Gothenburg, and on Friday night I’ll be at the Konserthuset to see Salem’s concert with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

11 months ago, in April 2009, I went over to Gothenburg for Salem’s concert at Trädgårn. What a fantastic experience it was, truly the best night of my life. Regular readers will know that I got to meet Salem before the show - a dream come true! - and the concert itself was unforgettable.

Needless to say, all my friends have asked if I would be able to meet Salem again? Of course I would love to meet up with Salem again....however I am realistic enough to know that Salem is extremely busy now, after Melodifestivalen, the release of the album, and rehearsing with his band, so I will understand if he doesn’t have the time, but it would be very very nice if he did have the time for a quick chat, especially as I can’t make it to the Bengans signing. I will keep my fingers crossed anyway ;)

Of course I’m massively excited about my trip to Gothenburg....I’ve always wanted to see Salem perform with an orchestra and this should be a fabulous live experience. I wonder if there will be any surprises in the show, and how many of the new songs he will play? (I would guess he’ll play "Virgin Mary", "4 O’Clock", "I’m So Happy", and of course "Brooklyn Sun" and "Keep On Walking" - as well as all the old favourites?)

It will be an amazing show, so congratulations to everyone who has managed to get a’s going to be a fantastic Friday night!!

By the way, I’ll continue to update Planet Salem and respond to emails between now and Wednesday night, in between all my pre-holiday preparations!


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