Saturday, 6 February 2010


Tack, Salem.

Och tack, Sverige.

You did the right thing and sent Salem to Globen. Tonight I am so happy and can't stop smiling! I thought Salem's performance was terrific, the song is wonderful and this is just one of the happiest nights ever.

Grattis Salem. You deserve it :))
Edit 07.02.10: my full review of last night's contest is over at my other blog EuropeCrazy. Enjoy!


Jennie said...

Damn right!

EuropeCrazy said...


Jag är så glad att jag kan inte beskriva det!!!

Sara said...

Håller helt med dom andra :)
Så sjuukt gött är det..
Salem Al Fakir In my <3

Anonymous said...

I am so extremely happy for you for tonight's victory in the first part competition of the Swedish Song Competition 2010, you took the no. 1 position going straight on to Globen. Great performance, great music, great lyrics. AND YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST ARTISTS EXISTING ON THIS PLANET, TRULY UNIQUE, Plzzz Salem, for the Global event, suggest you wear black trousers and shoes, white shirt and some blazer in a bright colour, festivity look, could be a strong colour and some silver sparkle on that same colour. You are a colourful artist and person, and needs to dress with a jacket of colour as you perform to match your character and personality. Whenever you perform, think Show, Las Vegas, Colours, Glamour, Festivity....and choose your cloths accordingly. Your plain grey blazer today, a good blazer maybe but for some business meeting, not for a SHOW. Your hair and looks tonight apart from the blazer, YOU LOOKED FABOLOUS, ALL PERFECT, JUST PLS CHANGE THE OUTFIT as mentioned above. The outfit adds to the performance, and to the voting points for a general impression of the show of a person.

Anonymous said...

First time I heard Salem was a couple of years ago, had no idea of his existence. Was walking in a street in Sweden, listening to a small radio. As I heard the song "This is who I am" being played, I had to stop. I was fascinated by this beautiful voice and melody, by this fantastic talent. It was like MAGIC.. in my ears. As the song ended, I walked into a music store to ask who the singer was of that song. That's
when I first heard the name of Salem al Fakir. I wrote it down on a piece of paper. Short after got the CD. I have to say, it's among the greatest and most talented artists I've come across ever. Salem can reach as far as only he himself decides. He can easily become a world reknown artist and performer with his unique music and talent. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT SALEM, IF YOU WISH TO REACH FOR THE STARS, YOU CAN DO IT ANY MOMENT YOU WISH TO DO SO...

Fredrik Pousette said...

Missed the real thing yesterday, because of a birthday party, but I heard that he was sent to Globen.
Still, I couldn't help a few tears of joy when I watched the rerun today. It was so beautiful and perfect!

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Fredrik,

I'm glad there was a rerun so that you got to see that fantastic moment....yes I was feeling very emotional last night too. It's such a beautiful song.