Saturday, 6 February 2010 all new visitors!

Good news! I can confirm that today, 6th February 2010, Planet Salem has received the highest number of visitors since the blog started just over two years ago. If you didn't know about Salem before tonight and have only just discovered him after his Melodifestivalen appearance...then thank you for visiting Planet Salem and you are all very welcome to my blog!

Some information for my new name is Laura, I live in the UK and have been a fan of Salem and his music since July 2007. I started Planet Salem in December 2007 and my mission is to spread as much information about Salem Al Fakir and his music because I truly believe that he is the most talented singer/songwriter/musician in the world today.

Over the last two years Planet Salem has developed as a community of appreciation of Salem and his music: you are all welcome to leave comments or send emails anytime you want to discuss anything Salem-related and I'm very happy to chat with you all.

Once again, thanks for visiting. This has been a very good and happy night for all Salem-fans and the celebration goes on.....



Anonymous said...

Hellu, Love your blog. dont wanna be rude, though maybe you should change the designe colours? more Salem and less... turqouise?

Johanna Hoffman said...

Stort grattis till globen Salem!!
Mina syskon och jag har följt dig de senaste åren och diggar dig starkt! Vi blev så glada igår!! : )

Tack för en fantastisk låt, din närvaro och energi! Kör järnet!


EuropeCrazy said...


Glad you love the blog, sorry you don't like the turquoise, but it will probably stay that way for a while :) although there will be changes as time goes on. Yes of course there should be more Salem, so I try to put as many Salem photos on the blog as I can. I hope you can appreciate that I'm not a webpage designer so have to stick within the limitations of the blog template.

Anyway it's the content that matters :))