Saturday, 6 February 2010

It's almost time for Melodifestivalen - Rösta på Salem ikväll!

In two and a half hours time, the 2010 Melodifestivalen finally gets underway.

It's always a very special competition for me, but this year it's more special than ever. Tonight in Örnsköldsvik, Ola, Jenny Silver, Linda Pritchard, Pain Of Salvation, Anders Ekborg, Jessica Andersson, Frispråkarn will all perform their songs and finally - saving the best till last! - it will be Salem's turn to take to the stage to sing "Keep On Walking" - the best song of the night.

The rules of the contest have changed this year: the song with the most votes will automatically qualify to the final in Globen, Stockholm on 13th March. There will then be a second round of voting for the songs placed second, third, fourth and fifth, whilst the sixth, seventh and eighth placed songs will be eliminated.

The winner of the second round will take the 2nd slot in the final; the second and third placed songs will go to Andra Chansen on 6th March, and the remaining song will be eliminated.

Good people of Sweden - you know what you have to do - VOTE FOR SALEM!

Here are the phone numbers that you need to call tonight (thanks to for the info!!)

Om du vill rösta på Salem kan du ringa 099-202 08 eller sms’a 08 till 72111. Om du dessutom vill skänka pengar till Radiohjälpen ringer du nummer 099-902 08 eller sms’ar 08 till nummer 729 99. Det kostar 9,90 kr.

All the best for tonight Salem!

I'm going to watch SVT's webstream tonight - check back later tonight for my thoughts on the show and remember to leave your comments!


Anne said...

YES! du gick vidare och jag lovar dig att du kommer ta hem hela melodifestivalen och resa till Norge. Absolut den bästa låter och så lätt att hänga med i..... WOW! You'r the man Salem!! puss

Anonymous said...

Salem went straight to the final!

Anonymous said...