Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tuesday 12 August

Salem was kicking off the Stockholm Kulturfestivalen tonight with a special concert presenting three of his favourite bands: Nils Berg 5, Domestic Bumblebees and of course, Tincan.

There is a new interview with Salem today at which describes why he chose the three bands, and when asked what was happening next in his own career he answered the following (which as ever I have run through a translation site!):

"I am as curious as anyone else on what happens in the autumn, but I may well read about it in the newspaper, he laughs. I always want to play more, but if you do not have a new disc, it will be difficult. If I had to decide, I would have released a disc every month but I have had to reassure me a bit and devote myself to politics. Large record companies, small person. But hopefully it is resolved soon".

And indeed we hope so too. In my own humble opinion, I'm already feeling that record company politics have delayed Salem's international breakthrough and it would be a shame if this was also to delay the release of his long awaited second album in Sweden. I can't imagine anything being released until 2009 now, but it will be well worth the wait.

But just imagine how good it would be if Salem was to release a new album every month!! He's so prolific and talented that I wouldn't be surprised! Oh well, we can dream....


Benoit said...

I was there at Kulturfestival !
But the best moment was to be found later in the evening, when he popped up at Berns, a chic café in Stockholm, for a jam session with some of his musicians (feat. Gunnar from Tincan of course) and some MC's. An EPIC moment, I can assure you !

A few pictures here :

EuropeCrazy said...

You are soooooooo lucky!!! That must have been brilliant.

Great photos too - thanks for letting me know!

I guess you will be going to the Grona Lund gig - you must let us know how it goes.