Thursday, 14 August 2008

Grona Lund tomorrow, Gothenburg on Saturday.

It's a very busy week for Salem as he's playing Grona Lund, Stockholm tomorrow night and then Gothenburg on Saturday.

If you're going to any of these gigs then why not post your comments on here and tell us what you thought of the gigs, and especially the new songs!


Jennifer said...

I was at the concert on gröna lund. And it's was amazing, as usual.:-) He played a lot of new songs.They had a lot of great lyrics and guitarr playing. They were a bit different from the old album beacuse of the guitarr but he also played synth like he normally does.He didn't play any instrumental songs at all, maybe he is focusing more on the lyrics. I'm sorry my english is so bad! hope you understood some of what I wrote. :-)

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for your nice review Jennifer, and don't worry, your English is not bad at all!

Salem is certainly going for a new sound with all those guitar-songs, he is just so versatile and talented isn't he!!

Also I'm glad there were no instrumentals, nothing wrong with them but it's better to hear his wonderful voice :)))

Jennifer said...

He really is talented!!have you ever seen him live? He is so much better live then on cd, which says a lot.:-) Yeah, I'm also happy about the instrumentals. His voice is amazing and he should use it. I hope to see the new record soon!Can't wait! :-),the new songs truly were wonderful.

EuropeCrazy said...

Sadly, living over here in the UK means I haven't had the chance to see him live - there could have been a couple of times that I could have gone over to Sweden but sadly I couldn't make it. I have only seen live clips on YouTube and some stuff from SVT's website but I dream of the day that I will see him play live!!!

I know there are some clips of the new songs posted on the internet and I have checked these out, they sound really good and totally different to the "This Is Who I Am" songs. Just like you, I can't wait for the new record and I wish his record company will hurry up and release it soon.

I wish I lived in Sweden!!!!

Benoit said...

I was at Gröna Lunds concert and I took pictures which will be soon published on a french website. Of course I'll let you know and post a link !

Benoit said...

I am pleased to let you know that the pictures I took during this show at Gröna Lund are online here :

While an live-report is available here - for those who read french though :