Sunday, 3 August 2008

Putte i Parken reviews

Salem appeared on Thursday 31 July at this brand new festival and was on stage just after 7pm.

So far I've checked out a couple of reviews from the gig.

Värmlands Folkblad wasn't too impressed and stated "the overall impression is still somewhat weak" before concluding "it would have been better to step out while there was still hunger among the audience" referring to his last encore song. Find the review at

Although the reviewer from the excellent clearly wasn't a big fan ("he is a difficult and boring artist who absolutely can not be listened to. However, you can not deny that Salem is an excellent liveartist".), they did manage to highlight Salem's efforts to get the crowd going, and referred to his charming smile and huge charisma. This review can be found at where you'll also find a link to some photos from Thursday night. This site also has lots of great photos from his gigs over the past couple of years and I would recommend that you visit.

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