Sunday, 17 August 2008

Gothenburg review at

There is a review at of last night's Gothenburg gig played in front of a huge audience. The reviewer, Lennart Rehnman, wasn't too impressed by the number of new songs played, nor it seems by his new musical direction:

"In my ears, it does not sound like Salem Al Fakir, as I understand Salem Al Fakir."

Maybe so, but you have to understand that an incredibly talented and versatile musician like Salem wants to continue developing musically and also in his lyric writing, and you wouldn't expect or want him to release a second album of variations on, say, "It's True" or "Dream Girl". It is also unfair to judge new songs which have only been played live and haven't yet been released on record yet.

Still, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you were in Gothenburg, what did you think? Do you agree with the GT review? Is Salem playing too many new songs live?

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Benoit said...

I was at his concert in Gröna Lund last friday, and I have to say he played a lot of new material... which was great !
"Black sun black moon" will be without any doubt the first single to be taken out of the next record.