Thursday, 12 June 2008

"...But he's only in my dreams...." :)))

Believe it or not, the whole not-being-in-Gothenburg thing must have been on my mind as last night, I even had a dream that I was in Gothenburg and I got to meet Salem and his band! A very nice happy dream, but unfortunately it was only a dream!!

Just realised that Liseberg was his first Swedish gig since Christmas 2007! Anyway I hope the gig tonight went well and will try to round up some reviews on here over the weekend if I find any.

I've just visited another blog which has published a picture from tonight. Big stage, new backdrop (the stripey one is gone) with Salem's name in big letters. Salem had his full band on stage with him and he was wearing a black t-shirt and pale blue jeans.

Will post more information when I get it. Very excited already!

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