Tuesday, 10 June 2008

If things had been different...

... I would have been travelling to Gothenburg this week to see Salem play at Stora Scenen in Liseberg this Thursday night, a real dream come true. However, there are a couple of reasons why I can't be there, the main ones being that I've already been away on short breaks a couple of times this year and I couldn't make it this time.

On the subject of live gigs, I notice that Tincan, whom I mentioned a few posts ago, will be playing at London's Notting Hill Arts Club on 27th June, so if you live in that area and you'd like to hear some cool Afro-beats then check them out. (And before you ask, I won't be able to go to this gig either as I live very far from London).

Anyway, Salem ....when are you coming over to the UK to play live????!!!!

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