Saturday, 14 June 2008


Two days have passed since Salem played at Liseberg and I have just been catching up with everything that was written about that show.

1) Haven't been able to find any press reviews, but...

2) Three cheers for all the bloggers who wrote about the show, mainly positive reviews. I found one blog which commented that the audience was not very responsive. I wasn't really happy to read that as Salem and his band do such a great live show that even non-fans should have been won over! And if they weren't fans then what were they doing there anyway?

3) Videos: I see that a couple of phone-videos have been uploaded to you-know-where: a brilliant "Dream Girl"/"It's True" which still sound good and fresh even after all this time, and someone has also uploaded a very brief clip of a new song - which sounds rather fabulous, how can I describe it...I'd say it's maybe in a similar vein to "Good Song". Yes, that good.

Hurry up with the new album, Salem.....I think it's going to be fantastic!

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